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  • Plants and Complete Lines Agricultural Pellet Production

  • Straw Choppers

    Straw Choppers

    GTIS TM GRANTECH Straw Choppers, developed by ICK Group, are the important and essential addition to the plants for fuel pellets or briquettes production. GTIS Straw Chopper is designed for chopping dry straw of all kinds (from grain, legumes, rape), corn stems etc., packed in cylindrical bales with diameter no more than 1,5 m and up to 1,5 m long. Being equipped with additional device straw chopper can chop the rectangular bales of sizes...

  • GRANTECH - Model GTO - Cooler

    GRANTECH - Model GTO - Cooler

    The countercurrent cooler is designed for cooling the pellets coming from the pellet mill. It consists of the case, ventilator and cyclone with the air-lock gate. The pellets are continuously discharged by gravity from the pellet mill into the cooler and even distributed along the cooler area, to this effect the special distributor is installed in its upper part. The air-lock gate driven by the motor-reducer is placed in order to prevent the air suction...

  • Lines and Equipment for Agriculture Feed Production

  • Model K-Series - Pellet Mills for Mixed Feed Production

    Model K-Series - Pellet Mills for Mixed Feed Production

    The pellet mills K-series are designed for pelletizing mixed feed used for fattening poultry, pigs, cattle, fish breeding etc. The raw materials are: the preliminary prepared ingredients of mixed feed, premixes and waste of flour-milling industry (bran).

  • GTI - Pellets Crumblers for Feed Production

    GTI - Pellets Crumblers for Feed Production

    The crumbler is designed for crumbling up the pellets into particles of the target size. The material to be crumbled goes through the opening in the upper part of the crumbler. There is a flap inside the crumbler’s body for passing the material onto the rollers or besides them. The rollers surface is corrugated for better contact with the pellets and their crumbling up. The rollers are actuated by the electric motor through the V-belt...

  • For Drying, Storage of Grain and Biomass

  • Moving Bed Mechanized Warehouse

    Moving Bed Mechanized Warehouse

    The hopper is intended for accumulation, agitating and unloading to the conveyor different of raw materials of various types, such as damp (not more than 65%) sawdust from wood with bulk density 200-250 kg/m3.

  • Accompaning Parts and Accessories

  • GRANTECH - Automatic Control System

    GRANTECH - Automatic Control System

    Automatic control systems GRANTECH are designed for trouble-free operation of the equipment, running the technological process in optimal modes.