Iden Biotechnology

Iden Biotechnology

Iden Biotechnology is the result of the strong belief from a handful of researchers that scientific research effort should become a market reality. Aware of the long distance and large differences between the research world and the business community, the founders saw the need for an intermediary piece that could fill the gap and act as a translator in both directions.Iden Biotechnology was created in 2005 to develop and transfer high-quality technology to the market working from an agrobiotechnological approach. The developed processes can be implemented worldwide.

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Edificio AIN Carretera Pamplona, 1 , Cordovilla , Navarra 31191 Spain

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)


We bring basic research closer to the market through the establishment of strategic R&D collaboration agreements, the development of technical projects and the marketing of the derived industrial property.

To be able to develop this very special activity, we as a company are supported by a diverse group of shareholders including the initial founders, industrial partners and technology developers as research institutions. The shareholders profiles bring in all the necessary scientific, technical, managerial, commercial and legal expertise to ensure success.

Iden Biotechnology has a spirit of continuous improvement and excellence in management, marketing, research and development, innovation, communication, business model and work style.


Bioeconomy + Iden Biotechnology
Bioeconomy is becoming more prominent as life sciences evidence their potential to provide solutions for a range of current and future challenges associated with the humankind, especially the exponential growth of the world´s population.

At Iden Biotechnology, we believe in biotechnology as a tool to solve technological problems.

Usually, the implementation of this kind of technological solutions is a lengthy and uncertain process involving the translation of new science and knowledge into applications in the field.

As a technology transfer company, our goal is to contribute to fill the gap existing between high quality research performed by knowledge-intensive institutions and the innovation-demanding industry.

How do we do this?
On the market side, we meet the real technological needs thanks to our close relation with our industrial customers in every targeted sector.

On the R&D side, we maintain and encourage a close collaboration with research institutions that provide a broad scientific expertise helping us to develop technologies for our targeted markets.

The best collaborative example we have is the commitment of the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) as shareholder of the company, converting Iden Biotechnology in a transference vehicle for its technological research as well as boosting our collaboration with academia.


Iden Biotechnology product portfolio includes both IP protected technological solutions as well as integral R&D services for agri-food and agrobiochemical industries.

We act globally seeking for the best R&D providers and market alliances and multiplying our technology transfer capacity through the collaboration with other technology brokers.

We believe that the best commercial agreement for technology in or out-licensing, joint projects development or service provider, is one that meets the needs of all involved partners based on a win-win vision.


Our R&D activity relies on scientific knowledge concerning agrobiotechnology and microbiotechnology.

Highly skilled in plant and bacteria physiology, biology, biochemical and molecular biology background, our R&D staff specializes in plant and microorganisms culture (in vitro culture, germplasm bank maintenance, plant propagation, greenhouse and open field cultivation, fermentative processes, etc.), in biochemical techniques (protein purification methods, protein expression and activity analysis, metabolites analysis, starch content and structure determination, etc,.) as well as molecular biology techniques (design and construction of plasmids, plant and bacteria genetic transformation methods, gene expression analyses, etc,.).