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  • Greenhouse Covers

  • IleriSera - Greenhouse Films

    IleriSera - Greenhouse Films

    PE greenhouse films; that are used to to prepare a controllable environment and provide suitable conditions  for plant grow, are the most important material of greenhouse applications with cartier replica watches their flexibilites, strengths, easy...

  • MuzSera - PE Greenhouse Films

    MuzSera - PE Greenhouse Films

    Because of its special formulation, MuzSera film that was developed to replica rolex daytona provide the most suitable environment for banana cultivation, has high mechanical strength with stronger  and more flexible structure comparing with regular films. MuzSera films are standard...

  • SebzeSera - Greenhouse Films

    SebzeSera - Greenhouse Films

    SebzeSera is a high performance greenhouse film, specially developed to increase crop yield and to provide earliness in vegetable greenhouses. Moncler jackets outlet, helvetica,sans-serif'>SebzeSera films are cartier replica watches standard with 36...

  • BiberSera - Pepper Greenhouse Films

    BiberSera - Pepper Greenhouse Films

    With its outstanding purity rings for girls mechanical properties comparing with regular greenhouse films, BiberSera film is specially formulated for pepper greenhouses to have healthy and high crop yield. BiberSera films are produced in 2 different lifetimes for 140-160kLy/year regions, 24 months and 36 months with thickness' 175microns...

  • CicekSera - Flower Greenhouses

    CicekSera - Flower Greenhouses

    Specially formulated CicekSera film, that was developed for flower greenhouses to have high quality products, comparing with regular greenhouse films, has outstanding mechanical properties in terms of flexibility, strength and impact resistance. CicekSera films are produced in 2 different lifetimes for 140-160kLy/year regions, 24 months 

  • Agricultural Films

  • Mulch Films

    Mulch Films

    Mulch films are produced in thickness' 20-30-40-50 microns for a lifetime of 24months at most,and they are used to cover the prepared soil. Depends on the thickness, the weight per 1000m2 is between 20-50 kg.

  • Heat Curtain

    Heat Curtain

    Heat curtains are transparent, 30 microns in thickness,  and weight per 1000 m2 is between 29-32 kg.Heat curtains are used inside greenhouse to decrease heat loss and water droplets, condensed on the greenhouse film, to fall on plants. They are thin, transparent and strong and flexible as a result of high mechanical properties.

  • Silage Film

    Silage Film

    Silage is the technique based on the method of storing the forages through fermenting the green and water rich forages in airless environment with the help of lactic acid bacteria, without losing their water  and nutritional values. As well as different techniques of silos for silage, also specially produced silage films are used for this 

  • Irrigation Pipes

    Irrigation Pipes

    PE Irrigation pipes are strong and flexible costume jewelry with outstanding mechanical properties. They are produced ,in transparent, yellow or black colors and with UV additive if required.

  • PE Film Rolls Covers

    PE Film Rolls Covers

    PE Roll covers which are contains no special additives, are generally used to protect goods against costume jewelry bracelets open weather conditions like wind and rain. Widely usage area are constructions, farm places and barns.

  • Industrial PE Films

  • PE Palette Covers

    PE Palette Covers

    Palette hood is used to cover the palletized goods as a cap jewelry rings. It is used to protect the product palettes against rain, wind and various strokes covering them like a cap. It is generally used in ceramic, white goods, chemistry, paper, furniture industries. Pallette hood is produced as perforated roll or as sacks. It is specially produced according to the customer...

  • Agriculture PE Bags

  • Agicultural PE Bags

    Agicultural PE Bags

    Vegetable Bags: They are used to keep and carry the vegetables such as cucumber,carrot,egg plant etc. Without being affected by environmental conditions. They are transparent and economical packaging materials with high mechanical properties. They have standard holes and, if required, with Antifog additive to prevent water droplets on the film. They are produced between 40-60cm in width and 45-55 microns in thickness.

  • PE Industrial Bags

    PE Industrial Bags

    PE Industrial Bags which are especially used in automotive cute jewelry and textile industries to protect the nonpalettized goods against the outdoor weather conditions and facilitate the storage and transportations, are specially produced according to the customer needs.