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Mulch Films



Mulch films are produced in thickness' 20-30-40-50 microns for a lifetime of 24months at most,and they are used to cover the prepared soil. Depends on the thickness, the weight per 1000m2 is between 20-50 kg.

The basic benefits of using mulch film are;

  1. Prevents weed growth 
  2. Prevents the soil becoming dry
  3. Prevents evaporation in soil
  4. Keeps the soil heat
  5. Prevents contamination of crop

For different purposes, black, white, brown, green etc. Colors are being used in mulch films. Black mulchs are the most preferred ones because of its high performance in weed control. While white colored mulch films is used to keep the soil temperature low in excessively high temperature cheap chains regions, the specific brown and green colors are used to provide high soil temperature together with weed control. In addition to these colors, for specific applications red and blue colors are used to improve the plant development.

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