Ever since IMV Technologies was founded, its business has continued to grow and diversify. Today, that expertise covers all of the needs of breeders and includes the following four fields: IMV Technologies designs, manufactures and markets all packaging products its customers require. The company`s expertise spans capabilities in plastics (for manufacturing consumable products), mechanics, micromechanics, automation control (to develop equipment for packaging) and biochemistry (for developing preservation mediums). Thanks to IMV Technologies` expertise in the field of cryopreservation at -196°C, breeders now have access to identifiable genetic products throughout their projects. Combined with state-of-the-art equipment, these products are adapted to the characteristics of each species and to all semen producing centers, regardless of size.

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After establishing the first French artificial insemination center for cattle in 1946, Robert Cassou founded IMV (Instruments de Médecine Vétérinaire) in 1963.

Since 1980, the group has consolidated its international presence by opening subsidiaries in the United States, India, China, Italy and the Netherlands.

This was followed by a long series of scientific innovations, including consumables products, solutions for automating work in insemination centers and in biological material banks, preservation mediums and cryopreservation solutions. These solutions include innovations in many animal species, as well in humans, since 1987, when the subsidiary Cryo Bio System was founded.

Exclusively dedicated to the human area, Cryo Bio System strives to provide the IMV Technologies Group expertise for the cryopreservation of biological samples to scientists in all fields through a range of innovative High Security products for :

  • Biorepositories, epidemiological research
  • Blood bank, blood transfusion centers
  • Cell and genetic therapy units
  • Medical, pharmaceutical and research applications
  • Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART)

Our international network, through subsidiaries in the United States, Italy, the Netherlands, India, China and our distributors in over 60 countries, offers both high quality products and technical support to the professionals.

In 1957, Maurice Bernage, professor at the Rambouillet Artificial Insemination School, invented the first plastic mitts intended to protect the inseminator.

The success won by this innovation led him to develop his own manufacturing line. POLYSEM was founded with the goal of producing and innovating in the area of single-purpose protection products for veterinarians, inseminators and, as a spin-off, every professional in the agro-industry industry.

Located in Rambouillet (near Paris) Polysem is a state of the art, fully automated manufacturing facility which exports gloves all around the world.


The history of IMV Technologies began in L’Aigle, in Normandy, when founder Robert Cassou patented the “French straw”, a revolutionary container designed for artificial insemination of cattle. From its launch, this invention became the universal reference for packaging and preserving bull semen, propelling IMV Technologies onto the world stage. Now a world leader in the reproduction biotechnology market, IMV Technologies remains faithful to the spirit of its pioneering past and constantly develops state-of-the-art techniques in artificial insemination.

A Partner For Breeders

Aware of the concerns of breeders and insemination centers, IMV Technologies designs, manufactures, and distributes the technical and material solutions needed by breeders to help them improve their herds.

The goal is to provide support in an ever-changing world by improving the performance of reproduction techniques while increasing biosecurity and facilitating regulatory compliance.

Innovation Is The Core Of Imv Business

In order to maintain its position as the world leader in its field, IMV Technologies develops unique products aimed at simplifying the whole process, from semen collection to insemination or embryo transfer. Following pioneering work with cattle and pigs, the company has extended its expertise to many other species. IMV Technologies also offers technology designed to preserve genetic heritage diversity, as well as human biological samples.