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  • Semen Freezing

  • IMV - Vapor Freezing Unit

    IMV - Vapor Freezing Unit

    Specially designed to host the MCA packaging machine, the mobile tank is the ideal tool for optimizing its performance and ease of use. Its mobility allows you to increase the security of your straws by limiting their transfer and handling as well as the possible loss of straws falling at the bottom of the tank.

  • IMV - Cryofish Kit

    IMV - Cryofish Kit

    With DMSO 50 ml ready to use. Species: Salmonids, turbot, sea bream, silure, tilapia. Dilution: 1 volume of semen 3 volumes of diluent Cryofish.

  • Semen Packaging

  • Model PACE - Semi-Automatic System

    Model PACE - Semi-Automatic System

    A semi-automatic system for fills and sealing CBS™ High Security straws. PACE automatically fills and heat-seals both ends of pre-identified CBS High Security. PACE uses CBS straws that are pre-identified with barcodes and/or alphanumerical codes. The PACE system consists of the straw distribution and filling unit and its control box.