Incitec Pivot Fertilisers

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers is a key supplier of Australia's soil health and nutrition needs, helping farmers maximise productivity to remain competitive in global markets. We partner with local distributors to provide farmers with an extensive distribution capability, exceptional customer service, innovative and high quality fertilisers and agronomic services.

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Level 8, 28 Freshwater Place , Southbank , Victoria 3006 Australia
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By supplying more than 50 per cent of Australia's agricultural nutrient needs, our Company plays an essential role in helping farmers increase productivity and remain internationally competitive to compete in global markets. Incitec Pivot supplies about three million tonnes of fertiliser a year, generating sales revenue in excess of $1billion annually.

Incitec Pivot plays a leading role in the manufacture and supply of fertiliser to farmers in Australia's eastern and southern States. We understand that farming is more than just a business for farmers; it is the essence of their entire lifestyle, today and into the future. The partnership between farmers, their agents and dealers and Incitec Pivot underpins sustainable farming in much of Australia.

Incitec Pivot operates a phosphate mine in Queensland, plants in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria and has a distribution network stretching from the Northern Territory to Tasmania as well as a global trading business with particular emphasis on the Asia-Pacific region. Incitec Pivot is in a unique position as the only domestic producer of ammonium phosphates and urea.

Incitec Pivot produces ammonium phosphate fertilisers at Phosphate Hill, located 1000km from Townsville where Incitec Pivot operates export and warehouse facilities. Phosphate Hill is uniquely positioned in combining world class and low-cost manufacturing plants, its own phosphate rock reserve and ammonia production from gas sourced from long term gas agreements.  Phosphate Hill is complemented by a world-class plant at Mt Isa producing sulphuric acid, an essential ingredient in the manufacture of ammonium phosphates.

Urea is produced at Gibson Island along with ammonia and ammonium sulphate at Gibson Island. Situated near Brisbane, in South East Queensland. Gibson Island is a world-class plant . Incitec Pivot produces Superphosphate fertilisers at plants at Geelong and Portland, in Victoria, and Newcastle, in New South Wales.

Our manufacturing strength gives the Company unequalled capacity to meet the market's needs across a wide product range serving all major farming sectors. These products include urea, ammonium phosphates, superphosphate and anhydrous ammonia, which are variously applied as solids in granulated form, as liquid nutrients or as gas injected into the soil.

Australian-manufactured fertilisers, along with imported products, are sold through a comprehensive network of more than 200 contracted business partners.

As a key participant in the agricultural sector, Incitec Pivot recognises the paramount importance of its relationship with its business partners, and offers them assistance to better serve end-user farmers. 

This includes the provision of an extensive field sales force and customer service team, the supply of agronomic services, as well as Incitec Pivot's investment in a NATA accredited soil, plant and water testing laboratory. 

In all of its activities, Incitec Pivot takes its environmental and community responsibilities seriously across the manufacture and handling of our products and their sustainable use on the farm. To this end, the Company is fully accredited with the Fertilizer Industry Federation of Australia's national training and accreditation program, Fertcare®.

Incitec Pivot also contributes to rural Australia in other non-economic ways, such as its involvement in community support programs for drought relief, safe driving for young people and an ongoing depression awareness campaign.

In addition to sales across eastern and southern Australia, Incitec Pivot exports increasing volumes of fertiliser to overseas markets through its trading arm, Southern Cross International, during times of low domestic demand.

Incitec Pivot was created with the merger of Pivot and Incitec Fertilizers in 2003, but the business has roots going back to the early part of last century when Australian superphosphate
production was pioneered.

First listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2003, Incitec Pivot reached a new stage in its development when it became part of the S&P/ASX 200 index in September 2006. In 2007,
Incitec Pivot joined Australia's leading companies in the S&P/ASX 50 index.

Incitec Pivot has a balanced mix of domestic and overseas institutional shareholders, as well retail shareholders, including some who live in rural Australia and maintain the Company's
links with farming families built up over many years.

In March, 2008, Incitec Pivot announced that it planned to significantly diversify its business by acquiring Dyno Nobel Limited. Dyno Nobel Limited is a leading global supplier of industrial explosives and blasting services to the mining, quarrying, seismic and construction industries.