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  • Aquaculture Netting

  • Predator Netting

    Predator Netting

    Durable, lightweight polypropylene Predator Control Nets by Industrial Netting provide environmentally benign protection. Ward off egrets, herons, sea gulls, nuisance birds and birds of prey like eagles and ospreys. Protect your investment with plastic mesh predator net – Birdnet. Predator Control Netting is available in standard rolls ranging from 12-feet to 17-feet wide. Wider pond covers can be fabricated on site by stitching two widths of...

  • Standpipe Filters

    Standpipe Filters

    Open mesh plastic filter tubes are fabricated to fit over standard PVC pipes for standpipe filter applications in tanks and ponds. Open mesh plastic standpipe tubes are used as aeration tubing by hatcheries and fisheries in fish tanks and aquaculture pond applications. Fabricated from rugged high-density polyethylene net. Carbon black additive for extended life in use. Fits over standard PVC pipes.

  • Cage Netting

    Cage Netting

    Cage Nets by Industrial Netting help keep your investment in and predators out! This heavy duty plastic mesh is extruded from rugged, UV stabilized polyethylene for extended life.

  • Clam Netting

    Clam Netting

    Select from our complete range of strong, durable plastic netting for protection of your valuable clam beds. Hard clams, (mercenaria) round clams, quahogs, littlenecks, cherrystones, chowder clams, as well as oysters all can be covered with netting in roll widths up to 17 feet wide! Or, just tell us the custom sizes you need.

  • Kintted Shellfish Bags

    Kintted Shellfish Bags

    Send oysters, mussels, or clams to market in knitted mesh produce bags. Choose from a variety of colors in hexagonal or diamond patterns to accent your cultured shellfish package. The uniform size of our knitted net helps maintain good portion control. The eye-catching color and bright appearance helps create a recognizable brand.

  • Grow Out Bags

    Grow Out Bags

    Fabricate your own Grow-Out Bags using Tubular Aquaculture Nets. Available in standard hole sizes from 1/8 inch to 1-1/4 inch to do the job you need while providing maximum water flow to your crop. Tubular Aquaculture Nets are made from the same UV stabilized polyethylene (PE) as our flat aquaculture nets to provide maximum service life in outdoor use. They are offered in either roll form or cut-to-length to meet your specific needs.

  • Welded Tube Overwraps

  • Sonically Welded Tube Overwraps

    Sonically Welded Tube Overwraps

    Need the separation features of nonwovens or fine mesh fabrics and the strength of a rigid tube? Industrial Netting can wrap and ultrasonically weld aperture films, extruded nettings, woven meshes, or nonwoven fabrics to the outer surface of our rigid mesh tubes. You get the structural support of extruded mesh tubes combined with the expanded functional range of these fine mesh films and fabrics. Aperture films and woven mesh fabrics offer finer...

  • Other Products

  • Precision Etched Pin Holes

    Precision Etched Pin Holes

    Pin holes from Industrial Netting are etched to exacting standards from .001' thick 300 stainless steel. Pin Holes are used for a variety of packaging and testing applications that include: Calibrated Leak Testing, Calibrated Pressure Testing, Gas & liquid filtering, Beam aperture spatial filtering.