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Insta-Pro is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of human food and animal feed processing equipment. Insta-Pro products are used to transform raw ingredients into nutritional feed for livestock, pets and fish as well as vegetable oil, flour, cereals and meat extenders for the food processing industry. The Insta-Pro product line of extruders, oil presses, preconditioners and coolers have earned the reputation as the preferred choice of food and feed producers in more than 100 countries across the globe. The spirit of innovation is a key component of the Insta-Pro success story demonstrated by its culture of research and product development, turnkey systems solutions and a proactive and responsive customer service model second to none.

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4043 120th Street , Urbandale , Iowa 50323 USA

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Insta-Pro International is a world leader in extrusion technology for food & feed processing with customers in over 100 countries.  We manufacture processing equipment such as extruders, oil presses and coolers to convert raw materials into ingredients and final products for use in the food and feed industry.  Application examples: oilseed processing, soybean/grain processing, emergency relief food, animal food and by-product processing.

Processing Technologies for Food & Feed
Insta-Pro International offers customers in over 100 countries custom tailored solutions for converting raw materials to ingredients and final products in addition to service throughout the life of our products.

Customers choose Insta-Pro International to obtain reliable easy to operate equipment which operates for decades. As well, customers prefer our technical expertise which is backed by over 45 years of university testing resulting in optimized end products with high digestibility and performance.

Our approach is to collaborate with you to clearly define your objectives, provide quick and honest responses with the overall goal to be your complete solution provider.

We are committed to being a full partner by offering:

  • New product ideas and development with access to nutritionists, technical staff and the development testing center
  • Feasibility analysis tailored for each customer’s operation
  • Supplier of complete plant solutions
  • Engineering for plant layouts and installation supervision
  • Nutritional services to ensure optimized product output and maximized value
  • Technical support for plant commissioning and ongoing service
  • Market connections to raw ingredient suppliers, lenders, business partners and consumers learn more

The Insta-Pro International story began more than four decades ago in the heartland of America. Soybean harvests were abundant but local farmers lacked the ability to process on-farm crops into nutritional animal feed; that gap was filled with the invention of the high shear dry extruder. The new technology was patented, becoming the industry’s first high shear dry extruder. Today, the extruder is utilized to cook, sterilize, stabilize, texturize and expand oilseeds, grains and by-products.

After the success of the high shear dry extruder, additional products to enhance extrusion processes were developed. Mechanical oil presses also became a key component of our product family. The extruder and oil press were combined to form the ExPress System which allows for chemical-free processing of various oilseeds into high quality meal and oil used in many manufacturing industries today. Additionally, we added the medium-shear extruder to process shaped products like pet food and fish feed. Now, more than forty years later, Insta-Pro International systems are at work on six continents - North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.