INVE Aquaculture - a Benchmark company

INVE Aquaculture - a Benchmark company

INVE Aquaculture has a very strong commitment towards the future development of the aquaculture industry. And we strongly believe that the only way to shape this future is to do it in close collaboration and partnership with the market. Creating awareness on feed conversion, end product quality and microbial management, we aim to set ever new standards for success in rearing aquaculture species. We actively participate in leading aquaculture events around the world and are proud to be a founding member of important organizations such as the World Aquaculture Society, the Global Aquaculture Alliance and the European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (EATiP).

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Hoogveld 93 , Dendermonde , Vlaanderen 9200 Belgium
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Since December 2015 INVE Aquaculture has become part of Benchmark Holdings, market leader in the supply of applied biotechnology and knowledge transfer to businesses in aquaculture and agriculture related industries. Together we offer the most complete nutrition and health portfolio in the market, supporting our customers in taking better care throughout the culture lifecycle. As a result, we can contribute more effectively than ever to our clients’ sustainable growth and long-term success.As a pioneer in the aquaculture industry, INVE has always been about enabling growth.

 The healthy growth of fish and shrimp, the growth of our clients’ local businesses and the growth of global aquaculture as a whole. We support hatcheries and farms worldwide with concepts, best practices and technologies that improve their bottom line.

Aquaculture can only prosper where knowledge and entrepreneurship meet. That has always been our philosophy. In order to make this vision come true, INVE Aquaculture builds its activities on two main pillars: continuous research to create new possibilities, and close relations with our customers to turn these possibilities into reality. This is what we mean with our slogan: ‘Shaping Aquaculture Together’.


Innovation has always played a key role in our company. Substantial resources are allocated every year to develop new specialty products and to further optimize our existing portfolio. To maintain our global image as prime innovators in aquaculture, we rely on a skilled team of more than 35 researchers and staff based in our Innovation headquarters in Belgium and in our 2 testing centers in Italy and Thailand.


To guarantee our products work under commercial conditions, our test centers run real-life hatchery production cycles for fish and shrimp. A close link to the Innovation Centers of the Benchmark Group allows us to develop holistic solutions for the balanced growth of cultured species. Collaboration with key researchers and institutions, customers and partners worldwide continuously drive successful innovation.

The epicenter of new developments

At our facilities in Belgium, nutrition and health engineers specialized in Artemia, larval fish, larval shrimp, microbiology, immunology, aquatic diseases and diet processing technology are coordinating research projects using state-of-the-art analytical labs, small-scale test facilities and pilot-scale feed processing equipment.

Breaking new ground in marine fish culture

INVE Aquaculture Research Center (IARC, formerly known as MRS) is our research and testing center for marine fish, located in Tuscany, Italy. It has capacity for running trials in replicate smaller tanks as well as in commercial-scale facilities. The team runs tests on new feed trials, optimized protocols and novel techniques for optimized live feed production (algae, rotifers, artemia). The aim is always to get results that can improve the production of commercial species.

Developing the future of shrimp and tilapia production

INVE Tropical Aquaculture Research Center (ITARC, formerly known as SCRD) is our testing center in Asia, located South- East of Bangkok (Thailand). The site used to be a commercial shrimp hatchery and is now adjusted to facilitate shrimp (larvae) culture trials. Both centers are also used for demonstrations of our products and protocols to customers. We also have test facilities for ongrowing trials with shrimp and tilapia.


To ensure consistent product quality and total control over the production process, we operate fully owned production facilities in the USA, China and Thailand. Our largest production facility houses all process technologies required for manufacturing our specialized feed and health products. Through our relentless drive for improvement we can deliver the highest quality products at the best possible cost to our customers globally.

Although our distribution network is set up to directly serve all major aquaculture markets, we have deliberately chosen to build our biggest production facility in Phichit, Thailand to stay in touch with the major and fastest growing markets in aquaculture. The fact that we own and manage our own facilities guarantees complete control of the entire process and allows for a flawless quality control.