Irrigatia Limited

Irrigatia Limited

Irrigatia Weather responsive solar automatic watering & irrigation systems pump water directly from a water butt or tap. Irrigatia also manufacture a range of vertical growing planters. Irrigatia weather responsive SMART irrigation controllers uniquely use solar power to detect the weather and alter watering according to the conditions and the season, providing plants with the precise irrigation they need to help them thrive. Easy to install and set up, they will water automatically with minimal supervision. Ideal for small to medium gardens or allotments, and can be used for pots, raised beds, hanging baskets, vegetables and greenhouses.

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Norwoods, Long Drax, Selby , North Yorkshire , YO8 8NH United Kingdom

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Agriculture - Irrigation
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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No need for electricity or a tap - ideal for greenhouse watering, garden irrigation, vertical gardens & green walls, hanging baskets, raised beds, allotments & holiday watering.

Just drop the inlet filter into the water butt, position the control unit somewhere sunny, switch on and leave. 

It waters every 3 hours - now the clever bit - it automatically waters for longer when sunny - plants love it!

Use with water barrels or taps

Just drop the inlet filter in to the water butt - it pumps water directly from the barrel up to 5m in height - no more lugging around heavy watering cans. No access to a water barrel? Water directly from a tap using the Irrigatia reservoir.

Accurate drip watering

Drip irrigation is an eco friendly way of watering your plants by applying water directly to the roots - the irrigatia systems water every 3 hours and for longer when sunny - just what your plants need to thrive.

Perfect for seephose or micro porous hose

For watering raised beds or flower or vegetable beds - |rrigatia offers extension kits to water your plants with leaky hose or for longer runs use the micro porous hose.