Since the beginning, ISAGRI has always elaborated and developed farm management software that combined our passion for agriculture and new technologies.Today, the group provides decision-making solutions and innovative tools dedicated to the agricultural world and accountancy. Thanks to its subsidiaries and its dealers` network, thousands of customers use ISAGRI`s management solutions every day in the world, in several languages.

Company details

Avenue des censives , BEAUVAIS , 60026 France
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Business Type:
Software vendor
Industry Type:
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

ISAGRI Group operates in several activities in agriculture
  • Software for agriculture and the wine industry : ISAGRI is the perfect partner to improve profitability, to maximize technical performance and efficiency and to comply with all legislation and certification the easiest way.
  • GPS and precision farming technologies
  • Complete software chain for accountancy and consultancy
  • Specific solutions for collectors and suppliers
At the service of its partners and customers

ISAGRI's mission is to provide its partners and customers with the products, services and technical and human resources that contribute to their performance and to their success.

Where IT and agriculture meet

ISAGRI is organised into two divisions: software and media, and operates on each market:

  • Arable farms
  • Spezialised crops
  • Vineyards
  • Beef and dairy cattles
  • Pig production
  • Financial management

An international player of agricultural progress

We do have an optimistic vision of farming for the future.The world will soon face a new challenge: feed twice more people with less farmland. Farming is also exploring new ways: organic foods, bio-energies, etc. The revolution is on its way and agriculture will definitely need technologies and high-performance farm management software to progress and reach these goals.

Leader of customer satisfaction

The world is full of opportunities, and we are willing to take them. There are still plenty of unexplored markets and regions for us, but we will continue to make the difference with the highest quality of our service.

Always grow and stay close

IT market still has a huge potential for the coming years that will assure ISAGRI’s future growth.To achieve our goals and develop even more innovative farming software, we need to hire new employees and start new partnerships to remain close to our customer.

Our values
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quality of the relationship
  • Willingness to progress
  • Pragmatism

ISAGRI was created in 1983 by Jean-Marie Savalle, current CEO, and a few teachers of the Agricultural Engineer School of Beauvais. His goal: develop management techniques in agriculture thanks to computer. With a single computer for 25 teachers and 400 students, a 15m² office and a single phone line for the whole school, we were far from what ISAGRI became.