Jain Irrigation, Inc

Jain Irrigation, Inc

Jain Irrigation, Inc. is a manufacturer of quality drip irrigation products for the agricultural, turf, greenhouse, nursery, industrial and landscape markets. We have been a leader in the industry for over 30 years offering the widest selection of micro-irrigation products. Jain Irrigation, Inc having more than 11,000 associates worldwide and revenues of $1.2 billion, is an Indian multinational company with manufacturing plants in 32 locations across the globe.

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2851 E. Florence Ave. , Fresno , California 93721 USA
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Leave this world better than you found it


We shall establish leadership in whatever we do at home & abroad


Serving & striving through strain & stress; doing your noblest, that’s success


To produce quality goods at optimum cost and market the same at reasonable price so as to achieve total customer satisfaction, fair return for all stakeholders and continued growth for the corporation through sustained innovations


Responsive, flexible, dependable


  1. We value our employees, customers, and stakeholders and treat them with respect and dignity
  2. We will service our customers without fail
  3. We pursue a safer work place
  4. We conduct business honestly and with integrity
  5. We promote technologies that save water
  6. We are good stewards of our company resources
  7. We value a strong work ethic and a balanced life
  8. We strive to make improvements in all that we do every day

In order to achieve the goal, we shall work hard, manage personnel, material, and money in an integrated, efficient and economic manner keeping in view that social responsibility and environmental concerns are equally relevant.