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  • ClickTIF - Button Dripper

    ClickTIF - Button Dripper

    ClickTIF button dripper is designed for orchards and vineyards, greenhouses, nurseries and landscape applications. It provides precise irrigation in soilless media and pulse irrigation. CNL models prevent drainage in low places and operates in subsurface applications. Durable construction protects against woodpeckers and other animal damage. Irrigation of pot-plants: one, two or four outlets.

  • Aqualine Emitterline - Natural Choice for Vineyards and Orchards

    Aqualine Emitterline - Natural Choice for Vineyards and Orchards

    Aqualine - the Jain Integral Emitterline is the natural and most economical choice for vineyards, orchards and row crops. Signature Aqualine (pressure compensating) and Traditional Aqualine (turbulent flow, non-pressure compensating) integral emitterline with its unique flow path, large multiple inlet filters offers superior clogging resistance for most demanding applications including poor quality and effluent water.

  • Chapin - Drip Tape

    Chapin - Drip Tape

    Growers are increasingly challenged to deliver high quality, uniform crops, while obtaining the greatest return on investments in water, labor, management and materials. Chapin tape has helped lead the way to achieve these goals. Chapin Tape leads the industry in providing the largest flow path, best Cv’s and greatest strength in any wall thickness of tape. As the pioneer in drip irrigation, with 50 years experience making the highest quality...

  • Chapin - Super Tough

    Chapin - Super Tough

    Unmatched uniformity - Chapin tape consistently supplies the lowest manufacturer’s variations (Cv) in the industry. Best engineered flow path design. Larger internal dimensions provide extraordinary resistance to clogging. Proprietary material blend and patented extruded process. Slit design outlet will help prevent root intrusion and soil ingestion. Turbulent Flow Path design provides larger internal dimensions offering higher resistance to...

Products by ML Irrigation, Inc.

  • Nursery Pot-in-Pot Irrigation System

    Nursery Pot-in-Pot Irrigation System

    ML Irrigation is one ol the pioneers of pot-in-pot irrigation. We constantly test equipment from around the world looking lor new and better designs and products. We have designed large and small systems for production and sales under varying climatic and drainage conditions.