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  • Single and Twin Rotor Bedformers

    Single and Twin Rotor Bedformers

    Whatever the soil conditions Jones Engineering have the bedformers to suit your requirements. Single or twin rotor machines allow you to achieve a smooth, level 'bed' of consistent quality and density directly onto ploughed or de-stoned land. Providing improved drainage and even germination. The rotors are filled with special 'no panning blades' to create a fine tilth without smearing.Available in widths from 1.45m to 1.85m also with the award winning...

  • Triple Potato Planter

    Triple Potato Planter

    Heavy Duty Robust British manufacture.Four tonne hopper capacity.Hydraulic folding.Hydraulic steering axle.Central tipping hopper.Independent automatic depth control.Automatic filling mini hoppers.Belts delivering seed to mini hoppers are sensor controlled so that minimum amount of seed is in the mini hoppers at one time, eliminating damage to the tubers.Infinite options on spacing.Change spacing on the move.No chains or sprockets.Trailed allowing it...

  • Toppers


    Jones Engineering have the Toppers to suit your task whatever the crop. Models available include: front or rear mounted steel flailed with auger discharge, Twin Rotor rubber flailed carrot toppers, in field Crowning machines or specialist onion toppers. All can be fitted with automatic height control and also available are hydraulic folding three bed machines for the larger grower or contractor.

  • Strawberry Topper

    Strawberry Topper

    3 point linkage mounted frame which is suitable for mounting 1, 2 or 3 cutting heads. 540 p.t.o. driven. All cutting heads are fitted with a parallelogram linkage which keeps the cutting blade horizontal whilst maintaining optimum height.Gearbox driven with 2 heavy duty rotating blades attached to a main cross shaft. Height control is determined either manually or via optional electronic automatic height control.Vigorous re-growth of crop as foliage,...

  • Flail Mowers

    Flail Mowers

    New from Jones Engineering; the Hydraulic Folding Flail Mower, designed to mow up to 8 meters in one pass this is the largest production flail mower in the UK.