JOZ is the originator of modern slurry handling, internationally renowned according to the slogan ‘The Home of the clean stable`. More than 65 years ago, in `t Zand in West Friesland, Jan Oostwouder originated and designed a system on which slurry was transported to the muckheap via a continuous chain system. This brought an end to the labour-intensive and time-consuming activity of manual mucking out. It was no surprise that other cattle farmers also wanted the system. Jan established JOZ and started selling his invention. And with success, too. Today, slurry handling systems from JOZ are to be found all over the world. JOZ employs a staff of +/- 60 and is based in Westwoud, the Netherlands. Every day we work together to clean your barn using the slurry handling systems we have developed. And we are pleased to do so! Day in, day out. But who is JOZ today? Let us introduce ourselves:

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Industrieweg 5 , Westwoud , 1617 KK Netherlands

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Globally (various continents)

JOZ is one of the few companies specializing in slurry disposal systems. Our huge lead in terms of knowledge and experience is not the sole aspect that makes JOZ the ultimate specialist in the field. Innovation is second nature to the business. We are constantly in search of new, even better solutions, techniques and designs. Constant innovation and service orientation are translated at JOZ into slurry disposal systems that stand out for their practicality and animal-friendliness, and their suitability for use in all barn types and floors.

The urge to innovate is second nature within the business. Everyone at the business is involved. Everyone thinks slurry. These facts are leading to success and ever growing sales, in particular of our barn cleaning robots.