K-Line Irrigation began about twelve (12) years ago on the south island of New Zealand. Dairy farmer John Kirk and RX Plastics in Ashburton combined to create this new and innovative irrigation system. K-Line’s lower cost and simplicity helped it to catch on quickly with the New Zealand graziers. They soon realized that K-Line could be adapted to almost any shape and size of field without costly changes in fencing, shade trees, buildings, etc., and was easy and quick to install. The slow absorption method that comes from smaller sprinklers irrigating over a longer period of time actually resulted in greater forage growth with virtually no runoff, allowing for considerable water savings or more forage with the same amount of water. K-Line Irrigation has become the most popular irrigation system in New Zealand with over 200,000 acres being watered. Australia and other parts of the world are experiencing similar results and growth with K-Line Irrigation.

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Agriculture - Irrigation
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Internationally (various countries)

K-Line Irrigation came to the U.S., Canada and Mexico when K-Line North America was established June 2003.

K-Line Irrigation is sold through a system of established irrigation dealers that specialize in installation and support of pastureland products. K-Line is proud to sell a product that is environmentally friendly, has a long track record of trouble free operation, conserves our valuable natural resources of water and energy, and is a simple, long-lasting irrigation system.

When a New Zealander was asked what he liked best about K-Line irrigation his response was “it’s simple, it’s basic, there’s not much that can go wrong. The only moving parts are the pumps, the sprinkler heads, and the bloke on the bike, (guy on the ATV), moving the line.”

Shifting of the K-Line system is quick and efficient, by shifting while the sprinklers are still operating, little moving time is necessary. Using an ATV, a 500 foot line of sprinklers can be easily repositioned in 3 or 4 minutes, nearly anybody can do it! Shifting is commonly done once a day at a convenient time for the operator.

K-Lines many options include sprinklers that offer uniform water delivery, even in very hilly terrain. Pressure compensated sprinklers result in good uniformity, even with hills or longer lateral lines.

Livestock are not affected - in fact they like to graze around the operating sprinklers, (especially on hot days).

K-Line irrigation is designed to fit the field (not the field altered to fit the irrigation system) K-Line can be designed around obstructions - resulting in large initial cost savings. Rotational graziers like the way K-Line adapts to their field layout.

K-Line pods are very tough, one piece poly- ethylene units with an integral, durable weighted base and designed to protect internal sprinkler components. With K-line sprinklers, the water penetrates deep into the soil with little or no run-off, (like a soft rain), a slow absorption method, every precious gallon goes further.

The heavy duty K-Line tubing is an integral part of the system and specially formulated to withstand temperature extremes and the exposure to UV while remaining flexible with the necessary lateral strength for shifting. Special heavy duty fittings are designed to withstand the stress of line movement while the sprinklers are operating. The distinctive green lines indicate pipe size and assist in orienting the pipe during installation.