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  • Irrigation Components

  • K-Line - Standard Pod

    K-Line - Standard Pod

    The tough one piece rotary molded K-Line pods which house the sprinklers are made of very strong impact and abrasion resistant UV-protected polyethylene that should last for years. The heavy duty skid plate on the bottom gives the pod a low center of gravity. The heavy duty construction is designed to withstand the rigors of being pulled across rough and...

  • K-Line - Pipe Tubing

    K-Line - Pipe Tubing

    The specially formulated  polyethylene tubing is the key component to the system.  This tubing is made of linear low density polyethylene resins that make it very strong yet flexible when used in the K-Line system. This tubing can withstand the effects of abrasive soils, kinking, freezing, the damage from UV light, and the various stresses exerted on the tubing while moving from set to set. K-Line tubing is available in 32mm,...

  • K-Line - Tapping Saddle

    K-Line - Tapping Saddle

    K-Line tapping saddles are available in 3 sizes:- 32mm (black), 40mm (green) and 45mm (black).  The choice is determined by your choice of pipe.

  • Nelson - Model R2000WF - Sprinkler & Adaptor

    Nelson - Model R2000WF - Sprinkler & Adaptor

    A choice of 5 Nelson nozzles allows for varied application rates of 1.64-5.47 gpm at 45-60 psi.  The Nelson sprinkler is available with pressure compensating sprinklers which results in very good uniformity in hilly applications.  This is a highly dependable rotary style sprinkler made from heavy duty plastics.  The key fact about the Windfighter is that it can accomplish greater uniformity in systems with wind interference that would...