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  • K-Line - Corner Karousel

    K-Line - Corner Karousel

    The new K-Line Irrigation Corner Karousel gives you the ultimate flexibility to move your K-Line irrigation lines from paddock to paddock. The K-Line Karousel is also ideal for moving lines of pods in vegetables or orchards. The Karousel allows you to make a square corner with a long line of K-Line Irrigation pods. The Karousel is temporarily anchored to the ground with stakes at the end of a row. This pivot point is the equivalent of an idler pulley...

  • K-Line - Revolutionary Irrigation System

    K-Line - Revolutionary Irrigation System

    The heart of the system is a series of tough plastic pods protecting a sprinkler firmly attached to the special K-Line low density tubing. The system can be run on pressures ranging from 35 to 60psi at the sprinklers. It’s  designed to distribute water through a slow absorption method for up to a 24 hour period, (like a soft rain). This also eliminates the need to shift irrigation several times a day and allows for maximum absorption into...