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  • Grain Silos

  • Flat Bottom Silos

    Flat Bottom Silos

    Kallna-Klenski Ltd. manufactures metal silos for cereals such as wheat, corn, oats, rye, sunflower and others with volume of 20 to 5000 tons each. The silos are made of double galvanized steel components and then assembled on the bolt connection on reinforced concrete foundations with steel columns. In the foundation run channels for ventilation of the grain. At the top of the roof are placed vents for removal of hot air. The temperature of the grain...

  • Hopper Silos

    Hopper Silos

    Kalina-Klenski Ltd. manufactures silos from galvanized steel with conical bottom on metal legs. The bottom of the silos is inclined 45 ° and 60 °. In this type of silo emptying is carried by gravity means, without the need of facilities for forced removal of the grain.The metal legs of this type of silos step of striped concrete foundations or concrete slabs. These silos can be also used to deposit cells in feed mills. The company produces...

  • Silos with Plastisol

    Silos with Plastisol

    Kalina-Klenski Ltd- manufactures silos for storing grain on the latest technical standards. We produce galvanized silos further processed with polymer coatings, such as plastisol. Plastisol binds strongly with galvanized steel and has practically a infinite life. This durable material can be performed only on the roofs of silos or the for the full body of the silo. As a positive indicator can be observed that the polymer coating reflects sunlight and...

  • Stainless Steel Silos

    Stainless Steel Silos

    Kalina-Klenski Ltd- manufactures silos of stainless steel, which by their nature and functionality they do not differ from those of flat bottom silos. The difference is the materials, which is stainless steel instead of galvanized, and the silo is practically eternal- Such silos are used for storage of clean grain in organic farming and consumers who want to have eternal silos, without worry of any harmful effects of the atmosphere and environment.

  • Transport Systems

  • Bucket Elevators

    Bucket Elevators

    Elevators manufactured by a company Kalina-Klenski Ltd are bucket and are intended for vertical transport of bulk materials- Elevators consist of the following: reception section (leg), unloading section (head), tubes and tape with buckets. The leg and the head are made of galvanized steel, elbow profiles on bolt connection. The operation is driven by motor-reducer and clutch- The camps of the two sections are self-aligning and dust-protected. The...

  • Redlers Chain Conveyors

    Redlers Chain Conveyors

    The chain conveyor is a mechanical transport equipment that is designed for transporting grain and bulk products horizontally or to 15 ° inclination. Chain conveyors consist of driving station, extending station, middle tray and chain. The scoops attached to the chain transport grain or bulk materials in the tray in the form of dense flow. Driving and extending station are bolted constructions, made of galvanized steel with thickness 3 mm. The...

  • Screw Augers

    Screw Augers

    Kalina-Klenski Ltd. manufactures screw augers which serve for transporting grain or bulk materials in a horizontal, inclined or vertical direction- The company offers three types of screws: tray, pipe and sweep (planetary).They are made of black or galvanized steel. These of black sheets are welded construction and coated with paint. And those of galvanized steel - on a bolt connection. Operation the screw auger is by motor-reducer and clutch. The...

  • Model PE1000 - Elevator Buckets

    Model PE1000 - Elevator Buckets

    Kalina-Klenski Ltd. manufactures buckets for elevators from ultra-high molecular polyethylene UHWM PE1000 with dimensions 180/132mm, height 145mm and volume of 1 liter. This material is highly durable and in operation does not create sparks and fire hazard.

  • Equipment

  • Flood Gate

    Flood Gate

    Floodgates are made of black steel, painted or made of galvanized sheet steel. The movement of the agte plate is carried out through special screw and nut, which increases the security and smooth operation of the facility. Drive can be manually or motor. Produced floodgate sizes: 200/200, 300/300, 400/400 and 200/400.

  • Valve


    Valves are used to change the direction of the grain or bulk materials flow- We produce two-way and three-way valves. The two-way valve changes the direction of movement of material in two directions, and three-way -in three, at a certain angle. They are made of black steel and are welded and painted or made of galvanized steel with bolts connection. Valves are driven manual or motor. Their dimensions are 200/200, 250/250 and 300/300.

  • Thermal Control System

    Thermal Control System

    The equipment is a digital system for thermal control and management of the ventilation of grain silos. The main function of the system is measuring the temperature of grain during its storage. The elements of this system are:

  • Metal Foot Bridge

    Metal Foot Bridge

    Metal footbridges are metal sites, which is placed technological equipment for loading the silos, but also and passage site for staff. Footbridges consist of a metal platform, guard rail with a height of 1.10 meters, columns and chairs. The metal columns and chairs are connected to the silo. Metal footbridges are made of galvanized steel or black steel (painted with primer and paint).

  • Vibro Separator

    Vibro Separator

    The machine is designed for pre-cleaning of the entering grain in silo storages. The separator cleans the grain by sieving, where the powder and soft matter using the ascending air flow is separated from the grain flow. It is available in two versions according to productivity: 25 t / h and 50 t / h. In the first version the cleaning machine is with one section, one entrance and one exit and two vibro motors with power 0.55 kW. The second version is a...

  • Feed

  • Model SHP 0,4;1,2 - Horizontal Batch Mixer

    Model SHP 0,4;1,2 - Horizontal Batch Mixer

    The horizontal batch mixer is designed for use in feed processing plants to mix the ingredients according to a preset recipe. The product supplied to the mixing chamber is mixed inside with a double spatial spiral paddle at an exactly preset duration. Part of the product moves to the right, the other part to the left and during this time mixing takes place. Discharge of finished product is by means of an electric motor driven gate located at the...

  • Grain Dryers

  • Grain Dryers

    Grain Dryers

    Kalina-Klenski Ltd. offers dryers for drying and cooling grain with continuous action. Dryers can operate on gas or diesel and have different capacity for the different cereals. They can have from one to three fans for drying and cooling. For more information, see the technical specifications.

  • Mills

  • Flour Mils Machine

    Flour Mils Machine

    MILLING MACHINES for production of flour and for animal feed processing plants . Construction of single-deck mills with room height of 6m. from 0.5 t/h up to 5 t/h processed grain. Construction of multi-deck mills to customer's requirements. A highly efficient European technology is used in the grain milling. The most modern process for grain milling employs gradual separation of the external bran particles of the wheat grain and is known as...