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  • KSS - Seed Cart Scales

    KSS - Seed Cart Scales

    Seed carts are an integral part of any planting operation. Outfitting a seed cart with a high quality scale can improve operations by: Monitoring flow of seed for proper distribution. Reduce loss from over planting. Alert operator when levels are low to improve production efficiency. Easily installed and maintained.

  • KSS - Fertilizer Scales

    KSS - Fertilizer Scales

    Mixing ingredients for fertilizer can be a daunting task especially if each component is not accurately measured. Many problems can occur such as: Poor and inconsistent product quality. Wasted commodities. Lost revenue and profitablility. Corrosive nature of ingredients destroys equipment.

  • Kanawha - Scales & Systems

    Kanawha - Scales & Systems

    The inability to weigh material on conveyor belt systems can cause a variety of problems and inefficiencies such as: Inventory control issues. Down time or lost productivity in order to stop moving product for weighing. Production output uncertainties. Unreliable measurement.