Kar-Tech, Inc.

The Kar-Tech story all started with the need for reliable, precise electronic controls for proportional valves back in 1986. We were continually getting asked to do innovative designs: some fiber optic projects for insulated manbaskets in Beloit, Wisconsin and custom valve drivers for various companies in the late ‘80s. We founded in February of 1995 around the family dinner table after combining a good idea & strong designs with our indomitable work ethic and the resolution to treat the company like a member of the family.

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111 Enterprise Road , Delafield , Wisconsin 53018 USA

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Monitoring and Testing
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Nationally (across the country)

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Our beginnings were humble and always within our community. Starting in our small basement office and growing into progressively larger facilities over the next four years, Kar-Tech came to represent the state of the art in mobile hydraulic controls. We broke ground on our present facility in Delafield, Wisconsin in 1998—which we’ve now expanded on twice, tripling in size.

Our focus has always been on mobile hydraulic controls. We started focusing on military, refuse, and manbasket applications, pioneering multiplexing control systems and fiber optics for a stodgy industry, working primarily with names like Oshkosh, Simon, Condor and McNeilus. Some of our early ideas that are now commonplace in the industry got us laughed out of meeting after meeting early on—but we’re proud to be one of the leaders in wireless controls for mobile hydraulic equipment and still enjoy bringing new disruptive technologies to the marketplace.