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  • Radio Receivers

  • Kar-Tech - Model VC-144 - Radio Receiver

    Kar-Tech - Model VC-144 - Radio Receiver

    Our VC-144 receiver is the flagship wireless control platform in our lineup. It’s loaded down with I/O count and options, and can run any of our radios at any frequency. It’s a processing powerhouse for demanding applications with its high-powered DSP processor, and up to 37 pins available for I/O and data. It’s able to accept and provide almost any signal type common in the mobile industry. In addition, it’s got WiFi, RS-232,...

  • Controllers

  • Kar-Tech - Wired Pendant Control Stations

    Kar-Tech - Wired Pendant Control Stations

    Kar-Tech’s wired pendant control products are the industry standard for machine control in the mobile crane market, and have been used successfully across all areas in the construction equipment industry.

  • Sensors

    Kar-Tech is a full-service, total-solution provider. Not only do we handle your wireless and dedicated control systems, we also manufacture a full line of sensors to provide feedback to your system. All of our sensors are designed with the mobile environment in mind and are highly ruggedized and weatherproof. From angle to length to rotation to temperature to pressure, we have you covered.

  • Kar-Tech - Contactless Rotary Position Sensor

    Kar-Tech - Contactless Rotary Position Sensor

    Our rotary position sensor grew out of finally getting fed up with chintzy, cheap, plasticy rotation sensors. After having to deal with some of that garbage, we decided to develop our own angular position sensor. Machined from solid billet aluminum and environmentally hardened, we might have overdone it, but you'll love the durability. This rotation sensor is fully contactless, leveraging hall-effect technology to provide angular position...