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  • Radio Receivers

  • Model VC-144 - Radio Receiver

    Model VC-144 - Radio Receiver

    Our VC-144 receiver is the flagship wireless control platform in our lineup. It’s loaded down with I/O count and options, and can run any of our radios at any frequency. It’s a processing powerhouse for demanding applications with its high-powered DSP processor, and up to 37 pins available for I/O and data. It’s able to accept and provide almost any signal type common in the mobile industry. In addition, it’s got WiFi, RS-232,...

  • Control Products

  • Wired Pendant Control Stations

    Wired Pendant Control Stations

    Kar-Tech’s wired pendant control products are the industry standard for machine control in the mobile crane market, and have been used successfully across all areas in the construction equipment industry.

  • Valve Drivers

    Valve Drivers

    We got our start in valve drivers, and to this day continue to produce them in dozens of configurations and sizes. Whether you need a simple card to take a joystick and drive a proportional valve, or you're looking for something much larger to drive several proportional sections from a wide range of control inputs with reduction inputs, etc - we've got you covered. Our baseline model is our Micro Valve Driver. It has two analog inputs (0 - 5V range,...