KAWABE Noken Sangyo Co., Ltd.

KAWABE supplies an extensive product range in order to respond precisely to various needs of our customers: we offer machinery for soil preparation such as sub soiling in plastic greenhouses, fields and orchards, drainage improvement, deep tillage, and trenching for fertilizer; machinery for harvest of and bed soil preparation for root vegetables; machinery for drainage and reclamation engineering; and also equipment for health and living environment.

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574-4 Yanoguchi, Inagi-City , Tokyo , Japan

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Globally (various continents)
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KAWABE was originally founded as Kawabe Nogyokikai Kenkyujo in 1959. We developed the first trencher in Japan in 1960, which was profoundly welcomed by vegetable growers with much amazement and relief since it mechanized preparation of seedling beds and harvesting of root vegetables such as burdocks, nagaimo yams (Chinese yams) or Japanese radishes.
KAWABE is the only comprehensive manufacturer in Japan who can offer an established extensive range of trenchers - for farming, drainage and reclamation engineering or civil engineering work, and from small to large.
KAWABE has been striving to develop new farming machines which can help to improve the quality of crops and increase their harvest, especially for vegetable/flower growers whose work is difficult to mechanize. As a result is our recent achievement Vibro Super Soiler, which can solely perform sub soiling, deep tillage and root vegetable picking, and it has attracted growing interests from various quarters.