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  • FeedTreat - Beneficial Microbes

    FeedTreat - Beneficial Microbes

    Until now cage culture faced challenges not experienced in closed systems. FeedTreat was developed to bring the benefits of closed systems to cage culture. Probiotics are proven to increase survival by reinforcing the body’s natural defense mechanisms, increasing disease resistance and suppressing potentially harmful bacteria.

  • ShrimpShield - Beneficial Microbes

    ShrimpShield - Beneficial Microbes

    When introduced into aquaculture ponds ShrimpShield creates improved water quality beneficial to health and growth. ShrimpShield produces small peptides that have a probiotic effect on fish and shellfish, improving survival. ShrimpShield creates a natural, beneficial  Bio-Floc, while reducing ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. ShrimpShield digests organic solids and bottom sludge. ShrimpShield’s water soluble bags dissolve right in the water...

  • Model D3 - Diatom Promoter

    Model D3 - Diatom Promoter

    Using D3 diatom promoter at the beginning of growout creates an environment full of highly nutritious microorganisms that increase growth and survival as well as improve biosecurity. A high diatom population will help exclude pathogenic, or potentially pathogenic species, such a vibrio and cyanobacteria. A high diatom population will also minimize green algaes as well.  Minimizing green algaes* helps moderate the daily oxygen cycle to create more...

  • Aquaculture Incubators

  • Model CPM5604 - Vertical Aquaculture Incubators

    Model CPM5604 - Vertical Aquaculture Incubators

    Vertical flow: Fresh water enters the rear of a water tray, at the top tray, upwells through the egg tray and flows over the front wall inside the water tray into a channel which feeds the next lower water tray unit. VERTICAL INCUBATOR – SALMON4-Tray : 10,000 per tray 17 1/4″ (43.8 cm) high x vertical incubator – Screen Capacity 40,000 total – 5.82 cf

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