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  • Kamco - Model Super Di - Power Tiller

    Kamco - Model Super Di - Power Tiller

    More power for heavy duty operations: This compact engine is designed to generate continously 12hp of power for the most demanding jobs, and with a lower weight - per output rating. Low Emission: The engine is perfected for low smoke level to satisfy Emission norms conforming to even TREM-III norms. Less fuel consumption: Reduced fuel consumption per horse power output.

  • Kamco - Power Reaper

    Kamco - Power Reaper

    KAMCO Power Reaper can reap one hectare of land within 3-4 hours. It prevents loss of grains while reaping, gathers sheaves into neat windrows and can reap farmland at walking pace. KAMCO Power Reaper is ideally suited for harvesting of paddy, wheat, soya bean,Jwar  and similar crops. Cost of operation is the lowest and it helps the farmer to harvest his field at the lowest ever cost.

  • Kamco - Model B30 - Barbieri Garden Tiller Power Weeder

    Kamco - Model B30 - Barbieri Garden Tiller Power Weeder

    KAMCO Introduces the all new KAMCO Barbieri B/30, an easy to handle Equipment with Italian technology and design. The powerful perol engine ensures efficiency, reduced vibration and noise, low emission levels and low maintanence. Overall, it is an economy model that offers a safe and comfortable operation. This can be easily dismantled. Also, it facilitates easy transport across every kind of ground with the two rear wheels which can be easily...