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With years of experience in the development of specialty fertilizers, we currently have over 200 products distributed in 20 countries. We are active in the most important and influenced areas in terms of agricultural production, highlighting Brazil, The United States, Mexico, Peru, Morocco, Israel, Turkey, Jordan and Kenya, among others. The know-how acquired from our client’s Technical departments (with more than 130 technicians all over the world sending us feedback with their specific needs and concerns

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Calle Sta. Marta, 13 , Roquetas de Mar. Almería , Andalucía 04740 Spain

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Kimitec Group has two separate departments: The Department of Conventional Agriculture and The Department of Organic Agriculture. Both departments are supported by our Technical Department, Export Department, Marketing Department, Financial Department and Management Department. We also have a new Production Facility, located in Almería (about 3000 square meters), where we produce and develop 95% of our products. One of the competitive advantages of our location is that there are more than 30,000 hectares of greenhouse production in the Almeria area, and also there is extensive crop production along Mediterranean Coast. We have been very closely involved with these growers with the advantages of our proximity and specific design of our products. This makes Almeria a perfect province to live and develop peacefully, and also a place with an excellent location, very close to two of the biggest European ports; Valencia and Algeciras, so it allows dynamic flexibility to our export capabilities.

Our know-how is based on the development of Specialty Fertilizers, on demand and 'tailor made' according to our clients needs, and we have contributed to very new and different solutions. Kimitec Group produces products that are adapted to many different factors such as geographic location, type of soil, crop, level of technology, etc., making our products very dynamic and flexible, specific to the current agricultural needs, and specialized development to address the future of the changing agricultural market.

In conclusion, we would like to add that as a result of;

  1. Our international activity,
  2. The experience of our Technical Departments,
  3. Our specialized knowledge, derived from our direct cooperation with Universities,
  4. Our location and surroundings,
  5. Our team of people working with us every day,
  6. And mainly the thousands of hours that we have spent with our farmer friends, we can say that Kimitec Group is able to provide innovative, tailor made and competitive solutions in plant nutrition.