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  • Threshers

  • Model 18 - Bundle Thresher

    Model 18 - Bundle Thresher

    Designed for ease of operation for wide range of crops and crop conditions. All steel construction gives many years of trouble-free service. Feed tray 60” above ground for easy feeding. Adjustable concaves, variable speed cylinder, two cleaning fans, adjustable sieve. Tires on spring-mounted axles allow thresher to be towed at highway speeds.

  • Model 36 - Belt Thresher

    Model 36 - Belt Thresher

    Gentle with seed, yet thorough threshing on most crops. Shaker shoe separation with air blast for final cleaning. Tension adjustments on pressure plates. Different screens available to accommodate wide range of seed sizes. Large rubber belts gently remove seeds for minimal seed damage and clean samples. Heavy steel construction, and sealed bearings. Coil spring axles and 14” tires.

  • Twin-Plot Combines

  • Kincaid - Model MF-7345 - Twin-Plot Combines

    Kincaid - Model MF-7345 - Twin-Plot Combines

    The Kincaid Twin Plot MF 7345 has been developed from the ground up to meet the needs of the ever growing, fast paced research industry. Kincaid has been the leader in twin plot technology for over a decade. With our experienced engineering team and custom manufacturing capabilities we have developed the fastest most reliable twin plot combine on the market.

  • Split  - Model TR and CR - Combines

    Split - Model TR and CR - Combines

    Having split over 100 New Holland TR and CR combines in the past years has set us apart in twin-plot technology. Our experienced engineering staff and manufacturing capabilities enable us to deliver a reliable and field ready combine that meets the customer’s demands. Cross contamination is virtually eliminated with our proven design – the best in the industry.

  • Other Products

  • Planters/Drills


    Planters for any size plot, customized to your needs. Precision with versatility for any application. Ease of operation to increase your efficiency. Kincaid has been manufacturing planters and drills for 40 years. We have our standard 3-Point Planter, Model 70 Grain Drill, JD 4 row Precision Cone Planter, Custom Cone Plot Planers, Retrofit Cones, and Twin Finger Pickup Planter.

  • Single Plot Combines

    Single Plot Combines

    Kincaid Equipment Mfg., Haven, Kansas is well known for research plot combines and their ability to make custom modifications to suit the specific research application. These combines are designed to meet the needs of research, yet they offer the capacity usually found only in larger machines. Combines are manufactured to specifications, with ISO 9000 world quality control standard.