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Kirkland UK provides a `joined-up` range of farming machinery, technical services and crop protection systems. This means you can now grow fruit to the highest quality, but at a sensible operating cost.We achieve this through continual improvement in our processes coupled with a planned programme of research in product and technical services development. This provides the grower community with a direct link to our innovation programme and, by return, the latest technology for the grower industry.We continue to support the UK Fruit Growers in every way possible and are committed to making our goal of `fruit growing made easier` a reality.

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Cooting Road, Aylesham Industrial Estate, , Canterbury , CT3 3EP United Kingdom

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Nationally (across the country)

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Since 1995 our aim for our customers is providing products and services that enable all discerning fruit growers to keep one step ahead and 'grow' in an ever challenging environment. In other words: for growers we are making fruit growing easier...

After careful analysis of the trends and changing requirements of the industry that we serve, our focus has evolved over the years and matched these needs. From a 'one stop shop', Kirkland UK has developed into the specialist machinery and crop protection supplier for the UK horticultural industry. This development path now brings to you, as a grower, specialist machinery for orchard management coupled with protection systems for safeguarding your valuable crop.

Specialist horticultural machinery - Strategic change within the family business means we have now increased our product range. Our premium brand of 36 machines is now complemented with another 76 machines. And this range is set to grow again next year. This means we can always satisfy every applications need and budget requirements for you the grower.

Fruit Protection Systems - In 2012 it became evident that growers of certain fruit crops - cherries in particular - were at significant risk of losing a large percentage of valuable produce to the elements or pests. The result is a proven rain cover and tri-net protection system that is tailored to suit UK cherry growing conditions. Every system is custom designed for each orchard for maximum coverage, investment budget and specific technical need. Flexibility means that there is a system for single or double row orchards. And each system ensures protection from rain, wind, hail, birds, direct sunlight, frost and even the SWD insects if required. In summary the Kirkland systems now offers a superior, controlled and predictable growing environment for all crops.

Research and development - As part of our commitment to growers we are also building our own orchard. This means you can view and try out our machinery range in a 'real life' situation as well as see our cover systems. This demo orchard also enables us to research, develop and trial alternative fruit protection systems (against hail, wind, pests and bird) for a wider range of fruit crops. This means complete protection for apples, pears, raspberries, apricots and even vineyards.

We continue to support the UK Fruit Growers in every way possible and are committed to making our goal of 'fruit growing made easier' a reality.