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  • Auger

  • Kirkland - Model AUTR Series - Tractor Mounted Auger

    Kirkland - Model AUTR Series - Tractor Mounted Auger

    Kirkland Tractor Mounted Auger - An all positional tractor mounted auger for all orchard drilling and planting applications. This machine can be mounted on the front or rear of the tractor. Auger Flights available seperately.

  • Bin Transporter

  • Kirkland  - Model BTKIR Series - Bin Transporter

    Kirkland - Model BTKIR Series - Bin Transporter

    This very heavy duty Kirkland bin transporter is the answer for carrying large volumes of fruit. The transporter has been designed to carry 5 tonnes / 15 full bins of produce safely and effectively giving a soft ride and full support of the underside of the bins.In the orchard the transporter can be hydraulically adjusted to almost any angle to self load stacked bins with speed and accuracy.Comes as standard with manual hydraulic controls, full road...

  • Cultivators

  • Fertiliser Spreaders

  • Orvin - Model FAUD Series - Single Disk Fertiliser Spreader

    Orvin - Model FAUD Series - Single Disk Fertiliser Spreader

    This Orvin fertiliser spreader is made of a 2' galvanised tube chassis, a distributing plate with six fins giving a work range of up to 15mtr and a high density polyethylene hopper. An excellent all round model for both vineyard and orchard use.

  • Flail Mower

  • Orvin Baby - Model FTBY Series - Flail Mower

    Orvin Baby - Model FTBY Series - Flail Mower

    Our baby Orvin flail mower is perfect for cutting grass, cane fruit and branches up to 20mm diameter. Made from 3mm steel plate, 100mm diameter rotor and 140mm diameter rear roller makes this is a robust little machine. Comes as standard with manual offset adjustment, adjustable skids, rear roller scraper and PTO shaft. Suitable for tractors from 12HP - 35HP.

  • Forklifts

  • Orvin  - Model FERX Series - Pallet Forks

    Orvin - Model FERX Series - Pallet Forks

    These Orvin 3 pt linkage pallet forks are very robust. The folding tines with easy spring clamp fasteners make it very user friendly. CAT 2 three point linkage.Dimensions: A=700mm, B=1220mm, C=1200mm

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  • Viticulture Equipment

  • VINESCOUT - Tractor Control Systems

    VINESCOUT - Tractor Control Systems

    Computer supported tractor control systems are the future of agricultural technology and make an essential contribution to working more efficiently. The new tractor steering system, VINESCOUT, from Clemens can be adapted to all tractors with hydraulic steering.

  • GSG - Model AN 2 and N 2 - Self Operating sprayer

    GSG - Model AN 2 and N 2 - Self Operating sprayer

    The GSG over-row fan sprayers are a new range in the field of plant protection. They are fitted with hydraulically driven cross-current fans. With the 2, 3 and 4-row machines, a new configuration of the fans and a recycling system mean that up to 40% less crop protection agent is used in the course of the season.

  • Kobold - Cane Puller

    Kobold - Cane Puller

    In the vineyard, the KOBOLD vine puller helps you by pulling out the cut vines and placing them in the row or immediately chopping them. Prepare your vineyard for using the KOBOLD! Right from the first foliage cut, ensure that you have the correct cut and the correct height so that the KOBOLD can be used optimally at the end of the season.

  • Model TV  - Mulcher

    Model TV - Mulcher

    A variable mulching device for wine and fruit growing with linear, hydraulic width adjustment. The mulcher works exceptionally well in vegetation management and is also suitable for the shredding of sawn timber. Attachment to the carrying vehicle is performed by a stable three point attachment. Drive is provided by a power take-off shaft set to 540 revolutions/minute and a drive shaft with slip clutch that is supplied from the factory. A double-action...

  • Soil Cultivator

  • HEXAGON  - Model 724  - Soil Cultivator

    HEXAGON - Model 724 - Soil Cultivator

    The robust all-purpose machine for soil cultivation or as tool carrier.HEXAGON 724 as an equipment carrier with a Radius on both sides.Solid hexagonal profiled frame, hydraulically or mechanically adjusted. Optimum height guidance by crumbling roller with spindle adjustment. Extension frame for high passage. Compact design for attachment of a rotary harrow or tiller. Machine mount for the hydraulic all-around weeder Radius, for cultivating the soil...

  • Teractiv - Soil Cultivator

    Teractiv - Soil Cultivator

    The special kinematics of the mechanical NON-STOP overload protection work continuously and sustainably loosen the soil. Tools are pulled in quickly due to the special blade shape. Any organic matter can be reliably worked in, producing an intensely mixed soil. The width of the solid frame can be adjusted from 1,100 to 1,600 mm (extensions of up to 2,100 mm are available). The right- or left-side mounted CLEMENS RADIUS SL works carefully and reliably...

  • TERACTIV DUO - Soil Cultivator

    TERACTIV DUO - Soil Cultivator

    With the TERACTIV DUO, you have the option of cultivating either the entire row or just the area around the vine in a green row. To make this possible, the frame with its flexible tines lifts through at an angle of 75° and the roller folds under. This stabilises the frame when working in the area between vines, as it rests on the grass track. This allows it to move smoothly and maintains a consistent working depth in the area around the vines. The...

  • Subsoilers  - Model TLK 883  - Soil Cultivator

    Subsoilers - Model TLK 883 - Soil Cultivator

    The subsoilers from CLEMENS were developed specially to break up compacted areas powerfully and enduringly. The cutting action reactivates the roots so that they can finally start to grow properly again. The soil is optimally aerated and its ability to retain water is maximized. Plants can take up nutrients more efficiently again, remain healthy and deliver higher yield! Mechanization is becoming more and more widespread in vineyards and fruit...

  • Model PR7 and PR9 - Soil Cultivator

    Model PR7 and PR9 - Soil Cultivator

    Narrow all-purpose plough with hydraulic width adjustment. It is particularly suitable for use in nurseries, in vineyards with narrow spacing between rows and for other row crops.

  • Winery Equipment

  • Model Flavy FX3 - Cross-Flow-Filter

    Model Flavy FX3 - Cross-Flow-Filter

    A cross flow filter uses membranes whose permeability lies in the region of microns (average pore diameter > 0.1μ). The liquid that is to be filtered moves along the membrane in a closed circuit. Part of the liquid flows through the membrane under increasing pressure, while solid parts in the countercurrent of liquid that does not penetrate the membrane (the retentate) accumulate and are held back. A shearing action that results from the...

  • Tank Construction

  • Pressurised Tanks

    Pressurised Tanks

    Individually shaped, pressurised tanks with heating/cooling and insulation for sparkling wine and beer production, which comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23EC//HP0.

  • Planting Technology

  • Breaker Plough

    Breaker Plough

    Breaker ploughs are equipped by own board hydraulic. Oil circulation system is created by a double pump which is attached to PTO shaft. Gear will be plugged in to PTO stub of tractor (profile Z6 - 1 3/8“). Machines shall be driven by number of revolution of maximum 540 r/min Without difficulty old plants can be taken out of the ground which is taken by means of spin roll catapulted out on earth’s surface. For higher performance each type...