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  • Harvesting Trolleys

  • AGV Trolley

    AGV Trolley

    Automatic trolley for harvesting and crop-tending. An induction wire in the floor guides the AGV on its way through the greenhouse and processing room. The AGV is mostly used for harvesting sweet-peppers (paprika) and tomatoes. Paprika: the AGV with container goes in front of the harvest person. The contianer goes up, together with the harvest person. Tomatoes : the AGV goes in front of the harvest person. When a path has been harvested the AGV will...

  • Cucumber Container Trolley

    Cucumber Container Trolley

    Container trolley for harvesting cucumbers. When container is removed the undercarriage can be used for harvesting tomatoes or for other internal transport. For cucumber harvest. Undercarriage for harvesting other produce or internal transport. The cucumbers can easily be put in the container. No handling with plastic boxes required.

  • Electropuller


    Electropuller with or without induction option. Full automatical or manual transport of traditional harvesting trolleys. Internal transport.

  • Harvest Trolley

    Harvest Trolley

    Trolley for harvesting cluster, cocktail or loose tomatoes.

  • Harvest Trolley for Cucumber

    Harvest Trolley for Cucumber

    Harvest trolley for over heating pipes in the greenhouse. Toepassing: This trolley is designed for transporting plastic cucumbercrates size LxBxH = 500x400x195mm. Werking/ functie: Can be linked to form a train. To be pulled to the processing room.

  • Handling Systems

  • Robot for Palletising

    Robot for Palletising

    This machine can stack boxes and crates in different pattern on different pallets. Toepassing: Horticultural, Industrie, Logistics, Foodprocessing. Werking/ functie: The robotic arm is equiped with our high tech gripper . This gripper takes boxes, crates, pallets, carton layers.

  • Palletiser

  • Palletiser


    Palletiser, Stacker for boxes and crates. When the boxes and/ or crtes need to be palletised automatically. Layer by layer the boxes will be put on te pallet.