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  • WOODY - Model H Series - Harvester

    WOODY - Model H Series - Harvester

    The harvester head WOODY is suitable in the use for harvester or processor work, or as a felling and processing unit on a harvester machine. Because of its grapple function the WOODY can load timber on a truck, as well as preparing it for easier transport by cableways. The unique and patented frame geometry of the WOODY allows to work also in leaf trees and to pass crooked steems through the head. Another use of the WOODY is in combined machines, like...

  • Highlander - Harvester - Wheel Driven Machine

    Highlander - Harvester - Wheel Driven Machine

    The innovation HIGHLANDER is a high-performance harvester for middle and strong sized timber. In normal harvester terrain, the HIGHLANDER can move with special maneuverability. In steep and extremely difficult terrain, the machine reaches an enourmous terrain flexibility due to the syncronised step and drive movement. The HIGHLANDER offers more than the climbing ability of a chain driven machine and the advantages of a wheel driven...

  • PULLY - Next Generation Carrier

    PULLY - Next Generation Carrier

    Short installation time. No complex fitting of supports. Regardless on terrain. Low cable tension. Suitable on soft ground conditions. Fully remote controlled. No special skills required. High loading capacity. Distance automatic. Wide range of application.