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- Model 50 - Harvester


The aggregate WOODY is ideal in the altering use of harvester or processor works, and is used also successfully as pure harvester aggregate on harvesting machines.

With it’s gripping function the WOODY can not only load timber on a truck, but also prepare the timer in steep terrain for easier transport with a cableway system. The unique and patented geometry of the woody framework also enables the processing of leaf trees and crooked timber.

The areas of use of the WOODY are very big and reach from an ordinary fitting on excavators (diggers) to a combination machines like the Harvester MOUNTY.

12 Reasons for the Woody

  • Strong endless rotation system
  • Special clamp construction enables the easy picking-up of logs in steep areas
  • Strong frame construction:
  • Qualified for thick-branched and deciduous trees
  • Best delimbing with four mobile and two fixed delimbing knives
  • Optional top saw improves production when processing
  • Powerful claw of optimal rumble and loading work
  • Short hydraulic hoses (low possibility of damage)
  • The upward folding feed unit provides a fully adequate loading claw with endless rotation. It is possible to pick up side by side lying logs.
  • High-performance saw
  • Measuring system with light barrier
  • The highest feed strength of its class allows also the delimbing of thick-branched trees
  • Tapered feeding rollers enable an optimum holding of the logs as well as careful power transmission

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