KP Holland

KP Holland is a breeder, propagator and grower of flowering pot plants. We specialise in Curcuma, Kalanchoe and Spathiphyllum. Our breeding department develops new and distinctive varieties for both national and international growers. Depending on the type of crop, the multiplication of our crops takes place in laboratories abroad, at our young plants company AFC in Uganda, or at one of our own production locations in the Netherlands. Combined with our own production and sales of our broad assortment of flowering pot plants and Curcuma cut flowers, we are more than capable of providing our customers with tailor made floriculture products.

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Lange Broekweg 84 , Naaldwijk , South Holland 2671 DW Netherlands

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Internationally (various countries)

Born to Breed & Bloom

Aware of its role as a progressive grower, KP Holland produces products of constantly good quality. The unique combination of both disciplines - breeding and growing - in a single company sets KP Holland apart. Here is a company that knows not only about its product but also about its market. The varieties developed by the company’s breeding activities are tested for their commercial potential. Commercial potential is included as an objective in the continued development of new varieties.

KP Holland is born to breed & bloom

Jan van der Knaap laid the foundation for KP Holland as a flowering plant nursery in 1950. Now, 65 years later, the company has expanded to become a global player in both the production of flowering plants as finished products and the development of new varieties. Under the leadership of three members of management - Aad van der Knaap (Managing Director), Hans van der Knaap (Production Manager) and Peter Samwel (Finance Manager) - a team of 120 permanent employees is dedicated to producing products of optimal quality at six locations all year round.


Having received three MPS certificates (MPS GAP, MPS-Socially Qualified, and Fair Flowers Fair Plants) KP Holland has clearly demonstrated its ability to operate in a sustainable, environmentally responsible way. If you would like to know more about KP Holland’s sustainability policy, do not hesitate to contact us.

The need to expand the assortment of Spathiphyllum, Kalanchoe and Curcuma varieties led KP Holland to start breeding them decades ago. To produce varieties displaying better keeping quality, longer-lasting flowers and new colours, the breeders and lab technicians at KP Holland are constantly working on selecting the best combinations of paternal and maternal parent plants.

They also make use of unique technological developments such as the measuring device created especially for KP Holland. The use of these technological advances contributes to evaluating the properties of potential new KP Holland varieties.

Accurate records of the germination of seeds and the growth of cuttings are kept in climate-controlled chambers. The use of climate-controlled chambers ensures stable climate conditions year round. This allows us to analyse the development of the flowering phase and then determine whether a variety satisfies the criteria we have established for our varieties.

We place a high priority on expertise and dedication to excellence. A team of eight full-time employees is engaged in breeding activities at our 6000 m2, fully equipped breeding location. We collaborate with other breeders to develop improved varieties and also to increase the efficiency of the breeding cycle that lasts an average of five years. The result is a sustainable form of breeding.

Customers of our young plants are regularly visited by our accountmanagers . If desired, our clients receive intensive technical cultivation guidance. Because of decades of production experience coupled with a high level of knowledge of our crops , we are able to professionally guide our growers clients.
Distinctive properties exhibited by KP Holland’s product groups

Breeding efforts are always devoted to developing varieties with attractive compact habits and improved keeping quality that will allow consumers to enjoy their purchase longer.

  • In developing Kalanchoe varieties, breeders focus on finding the best possible balance among the number of flowers, the size of the flowers, and the shape of the plant.
  • The breeding objectives for Spathiphyllum are to produce varieties with a compact habit and pollen-free flowers which promote a clean environment and are non-allergenic.
  • For Curcuma, breeders are working on developing smaller pot sizes, new colours and producing varieties that can be propagated by means of tissue culture.

What sets KP Holland apart as a producer of flowering plants is our provision of high-quality products and excellent service. KP Holland excels in supplying products that respond to the needs of the market and its customers. Our technically advanced cultivation system allows us to supply uniform batches that are completely in line with your preferences or those of your customers. Whether your orders are large or small, include labels or sleeves, need to have plants in ceramic pots, etc. - we can handle it. At competitive prices, of course, because this is essential. And if plans suddenly change, our flexibility makes even last-minute changes possible.

We make frequent visits to our sales channels both here in the Netherlands and abroad. This is because we strive for an open business relationship with our trading partners and it also keeps us informed of market developments related to retail, home and health trends. This information is then applied to the development of registered trademarks or sales concepts.