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  • Model 100 - Horizontal Bar Panel

    Model 100 - Horizontal Bar Panel

    Our standard, most basic panel made with 1” square, 16-gauge tubing and feature radius corners for added safety. Panels have 10” long, radius cornered feet. 40” tall panels have 6 horizontal bars, 48” tall panels have 7 horizontal bars. A vertical support is added on panels measuring 7 foot in length and greater.

  • Model 400-Series - Walk-Through Gate

    Model 400-Series - Walk-Through Gate

    Stop climbing over gates in the barn and just simply walk through! Our Overhead Framed Walk-Through Gates are designed similar to our Panels and utilize 1” square, 16-gauge tubing for the gate and the frames utilize 1 1/4” square tubing. Horizontal Bar Walk-Through Gates are available in two heights with the 40” tall gates having six bars; the taller 48” panels having seven bars. Vertical Rod Walk-Through Gates are also made...

  • Feeders

  • Double-Sided Hay & Grain Feeder

    Double-Sided Hay & Grain Feeder

    The Two-Sided Hay & Grain Feeder feed sheep from both sides. The feeder is 30″ wide, has adjustable legs, and can be adjusted so the top of the pan is 10″ off the ground up to 30″ high. They are available in three standard lengths and can be Kustom built. It has a 6″, 18 gauge U.S. galvanized pan in bottom of feeder. Hay panel has a solid top to reduce hay in fleece and has rods on 3″ centers to reduce hay waste. The...

  • A-Frame Grain Feeder

    A-Frame Grain Feeder

    This sturdy & stable feeder comes in two pan widths: 10″ and 15″. Easy to move around and most economical grain feeder. The 10″ feeder has an A-Frame made from 1″ square tubing with a base of 29″ and the top of the pan is 15″ high from the ground–ideal for creep feeding lambs. The 15″ feeder has an A-Frame made from 1 1/4″ square tubing with a base of 39″ and the top of the pan is...

  • Chutes and Handling

  • Model 16 ft. / 10 ft. - Automatic Circular Pen

    Model 16 ft. / 10 ft. - Automatic Circular Pen

    When you aren’t working with a dog, you’ll appreciate our spring-loaded gate that automatically keeps squeezing your animals in so you can keep working at the head of the chute. The  pen is divided into four curved sections. Capacities are based upon 4 sq. ft. per sheep.  The optional Hi-Jumper Rail raises the side wall height to 58”—good for handling lambs, goats or just a few sheep that could otherwise try to...

  • Kustom Goat Working Chute

    Kustom Goat Working Chute

    The Goat Working Chute starts out with a 52” tall, compact 10 ft. Diameter Circular Pen and has a ramp leading up to an elevated floor the entire length of chute system.  Drop-Top Panels have galvanized sliding panel inserts for easy access to goats.

  • Trimming Stands

  • Regular Lamb Stands

    Regular Lamb Stands

    This stand is ideal for lambs, smaller breeds of sheep, and most goats. This stand is designed to hold an animal up to about 250 pounds. The stand has adjustable legs, can be set up square or at an angle and when done using, it folds up flat to carry and for easy transportation. Choice of headpiece is included in price and are zinc plated.