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Lanco Manufacturing is committed to providing litter spreaders, lime spreaders, fertilizer spreaders, row mulchers and more that make farming easier and more efficient – in other words, delivering on ourpromise of “Better Spreading Made Simple.” We design our litter spreaders, lime spreaders, fertilizer spreaders, row mulchers and other equipment by listening carefully to what farmers say they need. Then we combine smart design and heavy duty construction to provide the perfect combination of durability, reliability and spreading precision. Our revolutionary spinner design results in better spread patterns and our use of stronger materials and uncompromising workmanship makes our machines long-lasting and dependable while making spreading precise and simple.

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525 Reservoir Rd , Honey Brook , PA 17505 USA

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Founded in 2000 in Bird-in-Hand, PA, Lanco Manufacturing is known for creative mechanical innovation, excellent manufacturing quality and outstanding work ethic – qualities that also define our Lancaster County, PA heritage. At Lanco Manufacturing, we’re committed to “Better Spreading Made Simple” through equipment designed to make farming easier and more efficient.

Lanco Means Quality & Value

Our revolutionary design, materials and special options mean reliable equipment that will serve customers well in all their farming needs. Response to our efforts has been outstanding. Customers very much appreciate Lanco’s dedication to creating long-lasting, reliable and revolutionary equipment designed to exactly meet their needs.