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Life Irrigation was founded in 1990 and was a pioneer in the garden irrigation market. Since then, we have progressed into professional irrigation, acquiring many contacts and, as a result, have sourced the best quality products and exclusive designs for our range. We now specialise in the installation and design of professional garden irrigation and automatic watering systems. We are Water Industry approved installers. Based in the London area, we provide a free quotation and consultation/design service, which can be can either be from a site survey or from a garden plan.

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17 Gables Avenue Borehamwood , Herts , WD6 4SP United Kingdom

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Life Irrigation install watering systems for garden irrigation, landscape irrigation and lawn irrigation.

Our UK irrigation systems include sprinkler systems, drip irrigation and automatic garden watering for grass and plants. Life Irrigation plan and install high quality and cost effective irrigation systems in the UK.

Life Irrigation provides both private and commercial irrigation systems. We specialise in the installation and landscape design of professional garden irrigation and automatic watering systems.

It is very important to manage the installation of irrigation systems correctly. There are many factors involved in the installation of an irrigation system which effects the health of the garden, plants and the consumption of water. Cost effective irrigation systems are important for two reasons; saving precious water and minimising cost of irrigation hardware and maintainance bills.

Efficient Garden Watering

Life Irrigation is a garden watering system specialist. If we weren't, then our irrigation projects would not be the high quality that they are, as the watering system is at the centre of all of our projects. Life Irrigation Garden Watering Systems are extremely efficient and cost-effective as they minimise water usage. In fact, the systems that we install reduce water usage by 90%! They do not require manual intervention as they automatically water your garden, agricultural products or flowers at set intervals due to the computerized nature of the product. You can go away on holiday, safe in the knowledge that Life Irrigation's Lawn Watering and Grass Watering Systems will ensure that your grass and flowers are watered in your absence. UK locations where we have installed grass watering systems include Greater London, Essex, Kent, and Hertfordshire, among other places.

Pricing of Irrigation Systems

Regarding prices, each garden is different; hence costs vary depending on what your requirements are. Requirements / different characteristics include for example garden size, water pressure, whether a water tank is needed, no. of stations and no. of pop ups. This tailored pricing structure means you get the most cost-effective solution. Whatever the size and price of the project, we always make sure that our garden watering systems are of the highest standard.