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Linddana A/S developes and manufactures a wide range of high quality wood chippers within Denmark, and has done so for more than 30 years. We manufacture and sell the well-known TP Wood Chippers worldwide. TP Wood Chippers are among the strongest chippers in the market, because we focus on quality, functionality, safety and design. Linddana A/S places a lot of emphasis on retaining the original company culture, in which transparency, proximity and commitment have always been key concepts.

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Ølholm Bygade 70 , Tørring , DK-7160 Denmark

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Agriculture - Forestry
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Linddana is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of wood chippers for use in garden, park and forest.

Our key emphasis on the performance of TP wood chippers are:

  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Functionality
  • Utmost chipping performance

The chippers are sold in more than 35 countries through a well-organised distributor network.

Linddana was founded by Svend Lind in 1980. He is originally blacksmith and mechanic. Prior to 1980 he was a production manager in a local company.

In 1978 Svend Lind (SL) purchased a piece of woodland.In 1980 he started to clear the forest but realised that there was no wood chipper in Denmark that was strong enough for forestry and agricultural work. He decided to develop a wood chipper for professional use.

That same year, SL purchased “Thyregod Productions”, a company with a production facility of 500 m2. He also got involved in the production of furnaces, which financed the development of the first wood chipper. The development work was carried out with the assistance of “Skovteknisk Institut” (Forestry Institute). The product name “TP Wood Chippers” originates from Thyregod Productions.

In 1981 the first prototype was introduced. It was a forestry machine, which was able to chip wood and branches up to 25 cm in diameter. The first chipper corresponds to the current TP 270 PTO model. An enormous storm in 1981 resulted in the company´s first major order of 8 machines to Rold Forest. In 1982 Thyregod Productions joined an export group and started to look for partners abroad.

Thyregod Productions received its first export orders in 1983 from France and Switzerland after having joined the big forestry exhibition “Elmia” in Sweden. Special requests from the Swiss customer required new development work, which resulted in new technical improvements to the TP Wood Chipper.

In 1984 another two new wood chippers were developed for use in both forestry and agricultural environments. Further this year a partner in Germany – Gerhard Dücker KG – and Thyregod Productions started joint production of wood chippers as sales of TP wood chippers increased substantially both in Denmark but also abroad.

In 1986 SL bought an industrial property in Ølholm by Tørring and built a 1800 m2 factory, which today is the home of Linddana A/S.

In 1989 the first wood chipper in the park range went into production and sales to the German market increased after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Exports continued to increase subsequently and sales gradually moved to new markets.

In 1990 a big order to Ethiopia of 14 machines became a reality. The wood chippers were used for cutting up sugar cane to make briquettes for fuel in order to save the country´s woodlands.

That year the company changed it´s name to Linddana and became a limited company.In 1992 the company was extended by an additional 2200 m2. The first TP Wood Chipper in the garden range went into production that year.

In 1993 the business were doing so well that the production of furnaces finishedThe same year a project in Poland involving wood chips for heating purposes finished and the company started collaboration between Danish Energy Authority on a project on use of wood chips for district heating in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

In 1994 Linddana A/S was awarded the Tørring-Uldum Municipality Business Award for continuous product development, for environmentally-friendly machines and for excellent management and continuous development of the company

Focus was put on wood chippers for the park range in 1996 and three new models went into production that same year. Additional factory extensions were made and new technological initiatives were introduced i.e. laser cutting. 1996 was also that year where a partnership with “Gosniti” – Institute of Technology in Moscow was established

Change in ownership
In 2001 the company went through a generational change. Svend Lind´s three daughters became members of the board.

In 2003 the administration buildings went through a major renovation and today the company appears as a modern and quality-conscious work environment with 4500 m2 of production and storage area and 800 m2 og administration and show room area.

In 2006 the biggest forest model was introduced – TP 400 – which can take tree trunks up to 40 cm in diameter.

Linddana A/S is a modern, dynamic and development-oriented business, for which the most important raw material is the know-how and potential of its employees. A good work environment and the constant development of employees’ skills are crucial areas of focus.

Production takes place in a clean, light environment with ergonomically correct workstations.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = 'urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office' />

We use the most up-to-date production methods, and the machinery at our disposal uses the newest technology, including laser-cutting, robotic welding and CNC-controlled machines.

Linddana A/S has, as a result, been recognised by the Danish Working Environment Authority for its safety and work environment initiatives. 

Our efficient production methods have also resulted in significant environmental benefits. We have managed to reduce consumption of water and electricity by employing new machines, work methods and procedures.

Since the company was established in 1980, the development of new wood chippers and constant improvements to the existing product range have formed the basis of Linddana’s business activities, providing the company with continued growth

Quality, function, safety and design are the guiding principles in Linddana’s development work We emphasise the fact that TP wood chippers are always among the best on the market

The dialogue we have with our customers is absolutely crucial for us to be able to constantly improve our TP wood chippers, so that they meet our customers’ expectations and can tackle the tasks for which they are required Linddana cooperates with specialists and forestry experts both in Denmark and abroad, including Forest and Landscape Denmark (Skov og Landskab Instituttet) at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark (Den Kgl. Veterinær og Landbohøjskole.) Linddana has taken part in a number of international development projects, and on this basis is in contact with a large number of international specialists in the field of park and forestry technology, environmental technology and nature management

Linddana works constantly to broaden and expand the product range, and the development department is given all the assistance it needs Linddana’s production methods are developed and streamlined on an ongoing basis. This is done, among other things, to be able to keep production in Denmark, where TP wood chippers have always been manufactured. This means keeping jobs in Denmark and maintaining a close connection between development and production.

This close connection between development and production activities places huge demands on our employees and their skills. Linddana is always looking to promote further training and modernisation of production methods, use of the newest technology, the best possible work environment and regular improvements to environmental conditions. We do this in order to maintain an attractive and dynamic workplace and to attract the best employees at all levels.