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  • Fish Transport

    We deliver different fish transport systems - of course complete with all necessarry equipment.

  • LINN - Portable Fish Transport Tank

    LINN - Portable Fish Transport Tank

    The small transport tank for live fish is ideally suited to fish transport on a small scale. The size of the tank is such that it can be carried even when filled with fish. This makes the fish tank almost universally useable – it can be carried in the boot of a private car! The small transport tank is made from polyethylene (PE) and is there fore light, rugged and unbreak able. It is provided with two practical handles. The lid is fas - tened to...

  • Thermoport - Fish Transport Tanks

    Thermoport - Fish Transport Tanks

    Robust tanks made aus PE for fish transportation without risk for your fish! Four sizes (190/290/600/800 litres) deliverable. Of course with different sluices and all necessarry equipment.

  • LINN - GRP Transport Tanks

    LINN - GRP Transport Tanks

    The ideal tanks for pick-up or trailer! No wooden interior, with big lid, totally smooth exterior, with different sluices available.

  • Liquid Oxygen Storage Tank

    Liquid Oxygen Storage Tank

    Storage tank for liquid oxygen, ideal for the transport of live fish, Volume 60 litres, relatively low weight, licensed for most European countries!

  • LINN - GRP Fish Transport Tank

    LINN - GRP Fish Transport Tank

    At last you can weigh and load fish yourself! Special tanks with automatic sluice, which openend b pressing a button. The fish are emptied out and in this way the loading tank can be used with a fork-lift to lift the fish over your trailer and empty the fish automatically into the container on your vehicle. Beneath the container is a stainless steel weighing scales with display.

  • Fish Feeding

    The use of higher quality feeds in fish farming demands better feeding technique. Otimal growth of fish and optimal use of feed is only possible with exakt rationing of feed - our different systems can help you!.

  • LINN - Profi-Feeder

    LINN - Profi-Feeder

    The Profi Feeder works by the pendulum principle. Feed pellets are released and fall into the water after the pendulum is moved. The fish quickly learn that by knocking against the pendulum they can free the pellets. The LINN Profi Feeder now has a new pendulum mechanism. The quantity of feed dispensed can be adjusted easily and infinitely by twisting the outlet pipe. The amount of food required will depend on the activity of the fish. The new...

  • Profi-Feeder Automatic

    Profi-Feeder Automatic

    The special mechanism of the feeder ensures that the food is delivered to the fish, intact, without dusting, and in the required quantities.