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Linn Post & Pipe has been building the best in cattle & livestock equipment as well as continuous fencing for over 43 years. Our company started with continuous fencing and has added great livestock equipment over the years. The Wrangler Portable Corral, for example, is the best in corrals with multiple configurations and options. Linn Post & Pipe Supply Inc Manufacturing of the fencing and other livestock handling equipment started in a single building with three employees in 1979. It’s been over 35 years and the Creighton plant manufactures and distributes all the products that the original facility in Kansas does. Many expansions have been made over the years that have made the facility not only a manufacturing center but also a distribution center for all Linn Post & Pipe Supply products. Demand for the equipment has steadily increased and continues to grow each year.

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711 Horizon Circle , Linn , Kansas 66953 USA

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Agriculture - Livestock
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The year was 1973 and Emil Peters, a Linn, Kansas farmer who also raised livestock, was looking for a faster way to put up a strong fence. Emil had always had an inventive mind and after a little while he developed a continuous connection for fence that was better than anything else available and was eventually granted a patent. Over the years with help from his wife, sons, and daughter, Emil built his newly formed company, Linn Post & Pipe Supply, into an industry leader. Emil didn't stop at his patented continuous fencing either, he began building other livestock handling equipment with the same idea that it needed to be stronger and work better than what was already being used.

In 1979 the Nebraska division of Linn Post & Pipe Supply opened for business. Emil Peters had wanted to expand his growing business to accommodate farmers and ranchers in the northern United States and Creighton, NE became the home of a complete sales and manufacturing facility.

Richard Stubben who manages the Creighton location travels across the United States to trade and stock shows, taking full size samples of the equipment, usually a 20-foot panel, crowding tub, an alleyway and a Wrangle Portable Corral. Stubben delivers much of the equipment himself often traveling across country from California to New York as well as Idaho, Montana and many more states. He and his wife Karen have 3 children and nine grandchildren.
Three Generations later and Linn Post & Pipe, Inc is still family owned and continues to build strong and innovative equipment for the livestock industry. Many expansions have been made to both manufacturing plants over the years in order to keep up with demand and the changing landscape of the industry. One thing that has not changed over the years is our commitment to customer satisfaction and our willingness to tailor the equipment to the customer’s needs. Next time you are in need of equipment or design help, please give us a call and see why we earned the reputation as the very best in livestock handling equipment.