We have been producing Ranch Management software since 1999! We are family owned and operated, and have a background in ranching.

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7663 S. Duquesne Way , Aurora , Colorado 80016 USA

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Software vendor
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Agriculture - Livestock
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Internationally (various countries)
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Why Ranch Manager Software?

  • Choose from Multiple Livestock Modules (Cattle Software, Horse Software, Goat Software, Sheep Software, Dog Software, Alpaca Software, Deer Software, etc) depending on your operation. Add or remove livestock modules as you need them or as your business changes.
  • Track detailed Ranch Records, keeping historical records as you go.
  • Keep a detailed profit and loss making tax preparation a snap.
  • Mac friendly! Native Mac Software.
  • Optimized for Windows 10.
  • Livestock Records kept on an iPhone/iPad(R) App (available through the Apple App Store(R) for free).
  • RM Cloud service to synchronize multiple devices running Ranch Manager. Keep your data in synch across all your devices, so you have access to your data from wherever you work.
  • Calendar and Journal features.
  • Record multiple weights, treatments and a bunch of other actions against your animals, including reminders.
  • Online support Community - many customers have been using Ranch Manager since we started and are still using the software today! Get help from us, and your fellow ranchers.

For on the the go, in the pasture or at a show, Ranch Manager Mobile Edition Software for the iPhone (R) and iPad (R) synchs with the Ranch Manager Desktop software (for Windows/Mac Desktop and Laptop computers) using our RM Cloud service. Put your database in the hands of your ranch hands and keep your operation running smoothly as they make updates while working.  Not only that, all the information they need about the herd is right there in the palm of their hand.  Finally, our native software runs on your device, not from a website. You will not need an Internet connection to use the software in remote areas. An Internet connection is only needed when you need so synchronize your database, which you can do at your convenience.

Have multiple types of livestock to manage? Our Ranch Manager Open software is especially tailored for you. Ranch Manager is designed to allow users the flexibility to combine various Livestock Modules depending on which species are a part of your operation (example.: Cattle + Goat) into one great livestock program.  Different modules will be plugged into the software so you can your cows with yo0ur horses in one project accessible through separate icons for each type. You choose the Ranch Manager Modules you would like.

Key Features include:

  • Detailed Livestock Records per breed, per species all in one program.
  • Livestock specific records (Sheep has Scrapie records, Wildlife has antler measurements, for instance).
  • Multiple ID tags and multiple weights.
  • Breeding Records and Due Dates
  • Picture Pedigree, and we enable you to link multiple images to a single animal.
  • Easily enter actions to multiple animals: Treatments, animal location movement
  • Save time and keep your records accurate...no more digging through the desk drawer, looking for the herd book!
  • Pasture and Location management - create pens and pastures, and label them with your names - move animals and track location history and breeding through sire exposure.
  • Animal Search - Enables you to create customized reports as well as quickly locate the information you are looking for.
  • Feed management - Apply feed to locations or to individual animals and track feed costs at the animal level.
  • Track and manage income and expenses against custom accounts.
  • Run a profit and loss and setup the year-end cut-off for generating your reports.

Your data and your privacy are important to you and to us! The RM Cloud service encrypts any data from your database using uniquely generated encryption keys.  Further, your data stays on your device! The primary purpose of our cloud service is a synchronization service, which means it is used to share data between devices. Once the data has been received by the targeted device, it is removed from the RM Cloud.

We do offer an RM Cloud backup service. Use of the service is optional, but if you do decide to backup your project in our Cloud service, rest assured the data has been encrypted and is stored securely in our database.