Loepky Manufacturing

Loepky Manufacturing began as a small farm shop for Mr. Diedrich Loepky`s Farm. Mr. Loepky began building his own designed and engineered farm equipment. Neighbors soon began to recognize his equipment as durable and well designed equipment and began asking to purchase their own. Now Loepky Mfg has grown and is a well established manufacturer of farm equipment located in Seminole Texas.

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Rt 1 Box 181 B , Seminole , Texas 79360 USA

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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
Please, visit the following links for more info:

  • Manufacture Peanut Hoppers, Conveyor Belts, Landplanes, Bucket Blades, Toolbars, Spider/Sprayer Trailers, Bail Forklifts, Tanks, .... etc(below a Rocket Shaped Water Tank)
  • We can Custom Build nearly Anything you might need
  • Tractor Repairs that include Motor, Transmission, and Front Axle Rebuilds 
  • We are Commited to Building Durable and Satisfying Products. We Will do our Best to Build Strong Relationships with our Customers and Provide Affordable Services. We Look Forward to Doing Buisness With You!