M-B Companies, Inc. is dedicated to being the leader in performance, reliability and customer service, as it has since 1907. M-B has enjoyed steady growth by focusing on key niche markets and in so doing meeting the needs of independent contractors, governmental agencies, and other road and airport maintenance organizations around the world. Currently, M-B operates out of 5 divisional locations. M-B Companies has engineered a variety of innovative machines. Season after season our snow removal products, pavement marking equipment and attachments have weathered all challenges and environmental extremes. Our focus on continual innovation has resulted in some of the most powerful products available today.

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The Brush Division produces wafer style brushes for all our attachment brooms, MB airport brooms and our competitors' brooms. The wafers are available in poly, wire and combination configurations. The newest additions to the brush line are tube and gutter brooms for street sweepers.

In 2008, we proudly announced the introduction of the MB MSV or the MB Multi Service Vehicle. The MSV is the new alternative in sidewalk, articulating tractors designed to meet the many needs of municipalities, universities, airports, or any organization that is serious about grounds maintenance. This multi-service, multi-season machine can complete many jobs including snow removal, mowing, chipping, sweeping and spreading.

Designed with a 110 HP Cummins Tier 3 engine, the MSV has the power that is needed for any job. From blowing or moving heavy snow to efficiently mowing large areas, the MSV is up to the challenge.

Our next location is in Chilton, Wisconsin - just six miles from the New Holstein plant. In the Chilton facility, the Airport Snow Removal Division is housed. The Chilton plant is dedicated to this division. MB manufactures a variety of runway brooms, plows and snow blowers for many international and regional airports. You can also find MB runway brooms on military bases throughout the world. MB offers a variety of airport snow removal equipment configurations; including front mount dedicated, wing plow, tracking tow, loader mounted, tow brooms and many more.

Our Pavement Marking Division has two plants. One is located in Montgomery, Pennsylvania with production since 1946 and the other is in Salem, Oregon since 1988. Both locations produce pavement marking equipment that is State of the Art. The product line includes everything from small walk-behind handliners, to mid-sized contractor trucks, to large custom built pavement marking trucks for contractors and municipalities. Our pavement marking products can work with several mediums - including paint, epoxy and thermoplastic. We have many field staff throughout the United States available to our customers. Our customer service is truly unbeatable.

The origin of M-B Companies Inc. dates back to 1907. The company was formed by three German craftsmen, brothers Otto and Fred Meili and Paul Blumberg. Not surprising, they adopted the name 'M-B', which is still used today. The Meili brothers were inventors and Blumberg was an expert metalworker. They started the company in a small shop in New Holstein, Wisconsin building agricultural implements.

The Meili brothers and Blumberg were inventing and building a variety of equipment from road graders to paint stripers. In fact, the firm was one of the first Ford dealerships in the State of Wisconsin. As the company evolved, its destiny as a broom and striper manufacturer became evident. M-B built its first broom (a horse drawn model) in 1922.

The Meili brothers and Blumberg sold the company in 1954 to Robert B. Evans, former Chairman of the Board of American Motors. Twenty years later, M-B was purchased by Terrence J. Cosgrove, who brought an engineering and marketing background to the company. Mr. Cosgrove still retains ownership. 

M-B has enjoyed steady growth, including the construction in 1974 of an additional facility in Chilton, Wisconsin. In 2003, M-B acquired the Pro Chip family of wood and brush chippers. In 2004, M-B acquired the Lafarge Road Marking Equipment Division, located in Montgomery, Pennsylvania. In 2006, M-B acquired TMT Pathway, the striper equipment division of Jackson Products, located in Salem, Oregon. In 2011, M-B released five (5) new products in the Airport Snow Removal Equipment market. M-B continues to focus on key niche markets and providing equipment to meet the needs of independent contractors, governmental agencies, and other road, turf and airport maintenance organizations around the world.

Currently, M-B operates out of 5 divisional locations. The Airport Snow Removal Products division is located at 1200 Park Street, Chilton, Wisconsin. The Pavement Marking division is located at 79 Montgomery Street, Montgomery, Pennsylvania and 2490 Ewald Avenue SE, Salem, Oregon. The corporate office, Attachment Division, and MSV Division are located at 1615 Wisconsin Avenue, New Holstein, Wisconsin. The replacement Brushes Division is located at 1217 E. Chestnut Street, Chilton, Wisconsin. 

M-B will continue to grow and provide the products and services its customers demand. The company is dedicated to being the leader in performance, reliability and customer service, as it has since 1907.