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Madan Technologies

MADAN TECHNOLOGIES will be a world leader in solutions for aquaculture industry, with professionalism and excellence. MADAN TECHNOLOGIES (MT) was established in the early 70’s as part of the whole aquaculture activity in Maagan Michael. Since its inception in 1998, MADAN TECHNOLOGIES has been focused on the production of paddlewheel aerators for the aquaculture industry- The MAOFMADAN paddlewheel aerator. The MAOFMADAN paddlewheel aerators are the most known aerator in the world aquaculture industry . As part of the production activity for the world aquiculture industry, MADAN TECHNOLOGIES start to produce Automatic feeders systems such the MADAN SOLAR AFUTO FEEDER for shrimps.

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Kibbutz Maagan Michael , D.N. Menashe , 3780500 Israel
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Globally (various continents)

Currently, the business activities of MADAN TECHNOLOGIES include:

  • Production and supply of water pumping equipment.
  • Civil and industrial waste water treatment.
  • Production of equipment and machinery for the aquaculture industry:
  • Paddlewheel aerators
  • Automatic feeders for shrimps

MADAN TECHNOLOGIES activity in the aquaculture industry is based on more of 50 years of experience in our aquaculture farm, along with the development of new technologies appropriate for the industry. Several years of experience in aquaculture farms, along with our technological knowledge, will take you to a better and more efficient future in aquaculture.MADAN TECHNOLOGIES products, such: paddlewheel aerators and Automatic feeders for shrimp, addresses the needs of the aquaculture sector in an efficient and cost-effective way. All MADAN TECHNOLOGIES products comply with the requirements of cost, effectiveness and innovation

Our values:

  • Honesty
  • Professionalism in every Company activity
  • Appreciation and respect to each one of our customers
  • Face great challenges and carry them out
  • Improvement and personal excellence Vision