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  • Crop Harvesters

    Crop Harvesters

    Our harvesters are an essential part of our strategy to bring our customers farm-tech prosperity, making the harvest season simpler, easier, and more profitable.  We offer a selection of crop harvesting tools to help you get the most out of your fields.  Durable and low maintenance, our crop harvesting tools will be reliable partners through many harvests.

  • Arjun  - Tractor

    Arjun - Tractor

    The Arjun will take your farm from prosperity to plenty. With its high-performance engine, technological superiority, and flashy looks, the Arjun dominates in the top-end category of 40+ HP tractors in India.The most advanced technology in India makes the Arjun an outstanding performer.  Thanks to the Synchrotec transmission, you can change gears easily even when you’re in motion.  Dual...

  • Bhoomiputra - Tractor

    Bhoomiputra - Tractor

    Exceptional reliability and value for money make the Bhoomiputra our best-selling tractor, accounting for almost 60 percent of all tractor sales.  It brings you robust style, strength, better pick-up, and high fuel efficiency—and it’s easy to operate.  Highly dependable and low maintenance, the Bhoomiputra will transform your farm’s productivity for years to come.

  • Sarpanch - Tractor

    Sarpanch - Tractor

    Ushering in a new era of turbo technology, the Sarpanch sets a new pace for agriculture.

  • Yuvraj  - Model 215 - Tractor

    Yuvraj - Model 215 - Tractor

    The Yuvraj 215’s low cost of ownership and best-in-class fuel efficiency is bringing mechanization opportunities to farmers with small landholdings across India and revolutionizing earnings capabilities.We designed the Yuvraj 215 for small farm operations.  With one cylinder and 15 HP, the Yuvraj 215 is compact and easy to operate.  We built it for long life and low maintenance, durability and dependability. It offers the first...