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The Arjun will take your farm from prosperity to plenty. With its high-performance engine, technological superiority, and flashy looks, the Arjun dominates in the top-end category of 40+ HP tractors in India.The most advanced technology in India makes the Arjun an outstanding performer.  Thanks to the Synchrotec transmission, you can change gears easily even when you’re in motion.  Dual acting balanced power steering ensures easy maneuverability in any operation conditions. Hi-Tec hydraulics ensure smooth and precise operation.  And the Lubritech braking system is so powerful it can stop the tractor even with 25T of loaded trolleys on a steep gradient.

The Arjun’s four-cylinder Powerful, Long Life, and Fuel-Efficient engine (PLF) has higher engine and backup torque so you can pull heavier loads over rougher terrain.  Its re-entrant combustion bowl improves fuel efficiency up to 20 percent.  And it surpasses the BS-III emission norms.

The Arjun’s superior ergonomics make your work experience comfortable no matter how long your workday. The first tractor in India with radial tires, the Arjun brings you better grip for a smoother ride.  And even when you take the Arjun to full speed, your ride stays quiet and smooth—we’ve used cast iron for parts like the oil slump and valve housing cover to minimize noise and vibrations.  Side shift gears keep your workspace clutter-free.

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