These are three words that define Manac’s unique approach. Whatever the road, we will design and manufacture a semitrailer tailored to meet your specific needs, one that will take you even further and carry even more than you ever imagined. Whatever the road, a seasoned multidisciplinary team is always available to listen to you and to facilitate your operations. Whatever the road, wherever it takes you across North America, you can always count on our support and after-sales service staff to get you where you want to go. Whatever the road, our more than 40 years of expertise and know-how guarantee that you will always get more for your money.

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2275, 107e Rue , Saint-Georges , Quebec G5Y 8G6 Canada

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Internationally (various countries)

To be North America’s best company in the design, manufacture sales and service of standard and custom semitrailers that are recognized for their advanced technology and superior performance.

Manac offers quality products to its customers and relies on talented and motivated personnel and highly competent business partners.

Manac's guiding principles

  • To offer top quality semitrailers that meet and exceed customer expectations
  • To offer excellent customer service so as to ensure complete customer satisfaction
  • To maintain excellent relations with with our personnel and the community
  • To work in clean and orderly facilities
  • To be profitable
  • To be a low-cost manufacturer

Well before the arrival of the first white settlers, the Abenaquis tribe lived in a village where the Mechatigan and Manosak rivers meet.

The Abenaquis tribe would return to this area every year to stock up on food, which was plentiful here thanks to the two rivers and the surrounding forests.

According to the legend, Mahanak, the son of the grand chief Metgermett, befriended a young moose that had lost its mother when she tried to protect it from a pack of attacking wolves. When Mahanak found the young moose, it was badly injured and weak and was slowly dying.

The two friends became inseparable. One spring day, Mahanak and his friend were returning to the village after a long trek through the Etchemin countryside. They were forced to take a different route because the melting snow had caused the mighty Manosak river to rise. In an effort to avoid a huge rock, the two companions lost their foothold, fell into the raging river and were swept away by a powerful current.

Mahanak managed to grab hold of the moose's antlers and climb onto its back. As they were approaching the Devil’s waterfalls, Mahanak implored the spirits of the forest to come to their rescue.

The spirits remembered Mahanak’s act of kindness on the day he saved his young friend. The spirits helped the moose descend the falls by keeping its head above the water and saving Mahanak from drowning. Two old hunters, who had witnessed the scene, said that the moose had descended the falls slowly, as though it had wings.

The following night, Mahanak had a dream. The spirits of the forest told him that his moose would be leaving him to go to the land of the spirits where it would watch over the inhabitants of the forest. Mahanak then saw his companion nod good-bye and slowly fly away, opening its mighty wings. By sunrise, the moose had disappeared.