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  • Agricultural

  • Manac - Grain Hoppers

    Manac - Grain Hoppers

    Front ladder and catwalk. Allows the driver to inspect the load. Welded Tarp bows with full length ridgepole. Reduces tarp from sagging. Butterfly door crank. 33 and 44 degree floor slopes. Easy unloading.

  • Construction

  • Manac - Dump Trailers

    Manac - Dump Trailers

    Plug-welded coupler plate. Better connection with frame. Pyramid-shaped doghouse. Low friction when unloading. Four-finger door-locking mechanism with stainless hook plate. Eliminates the need for compression locks at the bottom of the door. Swivel points mounted outside of main beams. Increased stability.

  • Manac - Bathtub-style End Dumps

    Manac - Bathtub-style End Dumps

    Front-wall outboard-mounted trunnion hois. Swivel points with replacable shaft and integrated lubrification system. Rear fenders integrated into walls. Vertical pull plate integrated into the frame.