MARA s.r.l.

MARA s.r.l.

MARA designs, manufactures, and sells laser and GPS land leveling machines. Founded in 1986, the company continues its technological evolution at the service of its customers’ productivity by offering the right products for every task. Today, MARA produces 24 models of levelers, 7 push graders, and 5 scrapers. With its latest generation of machines, MARA production combines high capacity to quickly work the soil with contained power tractors, and boasts reliability and superior quality. Available in the international market in well over 30 countries, MARA provides considerable accuracy in the final result, and is synonymous with increased production in agriculture and reduced costs. For over 30 years, MARA has produced the best laser levelers on the market. Investments, projects, tests, and field tests have made MARA able to sell their levelers in more than 30 countries worldwide.

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Via Ettore Ara 70 , Vercelli , 13100 Italy
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Since 1986, MARA designs, manufactures and sells machines in over 30 countries around the world for the laser-controlled and GPS land leveling, ensuring quality, accuracy and savings .

The Vercelli production plant occupies an area of 55,000 square meters, of which 8,800 are developed. In addition, a large space is reserved for operational tests and demonstrations for customers. The engineer Gianmario Delsignore, co-founder and partner of the company, manages a modern network that allows the company to control costs and ensure quality and fast deliveries.

MARA was born in 1986 from an idea of four entrepreneurs. Its mission has been clear from the beginning: to improve customer productivity in agriculture, construction, earthmoving, road building, sports maintenance, and gardening.

The experiences of shareholder farmers and entrepreneurs, the technical abilities of others, and the development of laser technology gave birth to the idea of an automatic machine for ground leveling. Rice cultivation, typical of the areas in which MARA was born, and which requires precise plans for consistent water coverage for the crop, was an important test for the leveling technology company. The advantages of leveling the ground later proved to be important for all the other crops, by increasing the production of the crop, reducing the volume of water and amount of seeds, fertilizers and herbicides used, and promoting soil drainage. For these reasons, the use of levelers was subsequently expanded in many areas.

The first products were a working width of 3.60 m and required tractors with 140-150 horsepower whose weight was about 13-14 tons. Because of their weight, these tractors were not able to be used for other applications and were therefore dedicated to leveling. MARA decided to develop a range of light machines that were easy to use, required less pulling power, and could be used with tractors commonly found on farms. This design was possible thanks to a particular geometry of the machines, to an exclusive blade conformation, and to the use of sophisticated electronics that assess continuity with the required power for towing. These factors optimized the operation of the machine.

Today MARA production is configured with a technological edge, based on strong but lightweight products that are easy to use and highly productive.