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MarginSmart was designed, developed and is licensed by Dairy Analyzer LLC. See the Product Menu for more information on MARGINSMART. Dairy Analyzer LLCTM was formed in 2012 by Linzmeier Business Solutions, LLC and Lake Breeze Dairy, LLC for the specific purpose of developing a price risk management program to be used in the dairy industry. This was the result of Lake Breeze being unable to find any tool or program to properly manage price risk. In the past they had hired various commodity brokerage firms, reviewed the LGM templates created by the University of Wisconsin and investigated other various programs offered by different companies in the industry, but never really found anything that did exactly what they needed, much less did it specifically for them with their exact set of circumstances.

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1600 Shawano Avenue, Suite 201 , Green Bay , Wisconsin 54303 USA

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Software vendor
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Agriculture - Livestock
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Nationally (across the country)

Lake Breeze wanted to get involved in price risk management because they had adopted a long term view of their participation in the dairy industry. They had heard a lot of industry professionals talking about income over feed cost and milk margin, but no one had a product that fit their needs to actually do anything about it. Out of this need, Mark Linzmeier designed the initial price risk management program for Lake Breeze and collectively Linzmeier Business Solutions and Lake Breeze developed the program. They quickly realized that this was something the entire industry could use. That led to the formation of Dairy Analyzer LLCTM and the mission to be committed to providing financial tools to make dairy farmers successful.