With that American ingenuity that causes most great products to be born, the Marshall Tree Saw was developed by a hard working individual in Nebraska who was cutting unwanted Cedar trees from pasture land with a chain saw. He knew there was a better way…and after several working prototypes and field trials of each; over the years of development what you see today in the Marshall Tree Saw is the result of this man’s tireless effort to build a better way to remove unwanted trees and to make the land more productive.

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2333 W Wichita St , Broken Arrow , OK 74012 USA

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The technology of mass tree removal that made the chain saw obsolete. The marshall tree saw revolutionizes the way land is cleared, making other methods seem dated, slow, and not friendly to your land. With any brand of skid steer, the marshall tree saw safely clears moves and stacks up to 1000’s of trees a day from the comfort of the skid’s cab. There is little or no damage to your land i.e. Clearing with a dozer, no stumps to grind or need for additional equipment. And no human interaction with the blade…no bits or teeth to change or align. Are safety, speed, and performance words that drive you?